Geez oh man, 48 gallies


I went from barely level 15 gally with no monomimus dna to a level 19 Monomimus. (After a few more coins)


I caught a few Gallimimus :slight_smile:


Couldn’t complete that, because I spent 3 hours last night and could only found 4 Galli.:disappointed_relieved:

Also, at least 3 green supply spots eaten by strike event station, which make things even more difficult.

I swear I tried my best.


I rode 52km by a bicycle to collect 48/48 gallies yesterday :smile:


Yesterday I did the tournament. I have 22 of 48. Its been raining for 4 hours waiting for it to stop. 26 to go time running out. Not enough so far.


Didnt even bother, got 1/48. Boring event like this and waste of time. Got things i enjoy more then this particular event setting.


Threw in the towel at 40/48 - covered a lot of miles, mainly on foot. Enough DNA to level it up to 15 and enough left for 3 fuse attempts - perhaps I will get 50, 40, 60 … :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Wow I made it to 40/48 also and will have enough to level him to 15 with enough for 3 fuses!
Turns out I’m going with Monostegotops instead, as Gallimimus is arena 8 only and that’s just a little outta my reach (3600ish) and who knows how long it will be before they are Dino of the day again (or what ever they call it). I’m not too confident about the 50, 40, 60 fuses you mentioned. *which wouldn’t be enough anyway as you need 200DNA :confused:
Edit: mostly just bad math… which is extra bad considering I’m a Math teacher :grimacing:


I attempted and got 13/48… 12 more than last time. I’m in no rush for monomimus though, so I think I can look past my fail. Perhaps next time i’ll have better luck. That dilophosaurus on the other hand though is priority, I don’t care what it takes… I’m maxing those attempts :smile:


I just had to go out and get “just one more” - 41 :slight_smile: Ah, 200 - I think 100,60,40 is really asking too much :rofl:

Roll on Dilophosaurus - at least a target of 8 a day is a little better than 24!!


Fail like 8 more. 1 mile to the Galli.


Got to they took the drops but 1 and got bored


On the plus side all this hanging around parks means I got a Gryposuchus as well - and a police restraining order … :thinking:


Got only 47… there were like hundreds of hundreds of Mono- and Dilophosaurs


2 Gyptos no restraining order. 1 Sinoceratops first wild in 6 weeks.


Nice on the Sinoceratops - mine has been stuck on 194/200 (Level 13) for what seems like an eternity.