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Gemini and ardentis: The new tops over tyrants

Lets talk about the 2 big winners once again:
Gemini and ardentis.

Both are sauropods with Huge hp pool,and have an anti-tank tanks,pierce thought evasion,deal insane ammount of damage with immunity so you can’t trick them.

Let’s talk about the first case:
The last patch ,gemini was clearly the strongest 1 vs 1 creature,lvl 30 gemini can’t be beaten .
In this patch,nobody notice a detail but it replace long protection for Definite Shield Advantage,so you all read now gemini can pierce though armor/shield every 2 turn but also ITS AN IMPACT MOVE!!
so,now he can Spam Impact/rampage/impact/rampage…
Even the tanks which used to have a chance against him are now irrelevant…they can’t survive 1/3 life loss in the best case.
Evasion?well,evasion is clearly unpopular on this game and nobody accept this abiltiy but NO creature should have high HP/HIGH damage IMMUNE TO DISTRACTION/PIERCE SHIELD AND PIERCE EVASION!you have no way to deal with him
You moan because smilo got a buff and will wreck 1.12?I laught so much,gemini will wreck him with ease.

Ardentis:clearly winner by popularity because of the ease to create it and max it to 30,being far more farmable:easy to obtain than gemini.
The injustice of the cautious strike untouched and the “nerf” of the necesary define defense shattering rampage move (See in gemini why it was necesary,i won’t repeat)had make people thinking ardentis need to counter indoG2(even if cautious strike need a nerf but thats another subject)
You complain about cautious strike which have speed up/cleanse/distraction/evasion/pierce evasion and im sure i forgot some others ability because the list is too long ?
Well look now ardentis…
Armor/high crit/high HP/good damage/immunity/shield/possibility to destroy shields/Pierce thought evasion/speed controle…as for cautious strike,im sure i forgot some others abilities…
So clearly,you find it a fair unique?
If every unique should be build on this type,thor should have 2800dmg then (which i don’t want)

The final Hit:The nerf of Rending takedown…
The true counter of those both monster was clearly rending takedown which were used to destroy their Huge hp pool ,now alloraptor an thyla won’t survive 2 turn (ludia knew it),they have no longer clear counters except maybe carnotarkus and grypo

I wait for the defenders of those 2 new High tyrant tier to bring me their counters…
I know i will tell you,they are not


This was clearly a warrented move. Survey results clearly stated that gemini and maxima needed a buff. In fact no number of players voted for a procera and CS nerf. They did however vote for Thyla to get a nerf. Much needed indeed. end sarcasm

If this patch doesn’t scream and cater to the beta players preferences in “you know what alliance” I honestly don’t know what will.


You do realize with this change to Maxi, she’ll have the exact same moveset as Ardonto, her pre-hybrid. I don’t see what you’re whining about. Maxi needed her definite attack back. I wanted definite rampage back, but definite strike is all they would give us. Something needs to be able to kill indoraptor gen 2. That thing can 3-0 a team easily. :man_shrugging:
But I do agree that the nerf to rending takedown dosen’t make sense. Not a single person had a problem with it. Who ever complained about rending takedown??


So you need to create an uberoverpowermonster to kill an overpower monster?

Lets talk about ardonto and ardentis then:
ardentis have:+600hp,+100dmg,+15% armor,+10%crit chance which is huge,the fact he can’t trade against evasion was calculated because he got too much advantages.

Finally,im not complaining,its simply an observation since i have to bench down my thylaco for ardentis (which is lvl 26)
Those 2 will now rules the top tier tyrant and are left with no counters

My advice is even indoG2 will be less relevant than those 2 monsters by now.
So rush their ingredient and waste all your boosts on health and damage,you will finish really high in the classement

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They are very good to lead and won a few of matchups but I don’t think they are broken, Tryko still have a decent matchup against there and Nemys got better with immune to deceleration, they are not hard to revenge kill with Erlidom

I know you said sarcasm, but the survey didn’t have anything to do with gemini or thyla.

Really wondering why gemini got buffed though, pretty sure it was already a beast lol.

Gemini and maxima still need to be buffed. Even if they win a duel against most of other dinos they will be beaten up right after the win because they are too slow. After beating a dino they will not have enough hp to survive the first strike of the next dino. Not a real advantage they have.

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Yeah,so they need to be designed to kill 2 dino before loosing.
I understand your point

They should buff it even more so those low lvl don’t come even close of gyrosphere

It’s a setup. They want players to rant about Gemini and Maxima so they can be nerfed into oblivion and Cautious Strike will still remain the same.


Yes, they should be stronger. They give no real advantage. A unique dino should have the potential to kill more than one dino but they dont.

They wont nerf a unique into the ground

Leave my 2 fav creatures alone :slight_smile:

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Eventually they will be nerfed… So enjoy them for the time being…

As for thylocator well still time for them to change there minds…

Smilonemys used to be able to kill Dracocera. Then they nerfed it. Sure, they buffed it this future patch, but it was just a boring tank for quite a while.
Not sure if Tuoramoloch was nerfed or not, but it was useless for quite a while.
Utarinex used to have rampage right off the bat. Lost that rampage. Not sure what its other stats were but it’s slower than its armored legendary, has lower attack, and has no armor, although has more hp and slightly higher crit rate. Nowadays with so many immunes that can also slow it down, it’s no longer that useful unless you rely on swaps.

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Well, with Gemini if it’s just a slight attack nerf, I think it wouldn’t hurt it much. I mean look at what it can do fresh out of the lab:

Smilo nerf happened right after it was released as it was too strong. Uniques will stay strong in the long run, if they are nerfed they will be buffed again

They nerfed Ardentis by replacing definite rampage for DSR. It’s fine, It needed a nerf. But many people didn’t like how It was nerfed, not that It was. We wanted her to keep some sort of evasive counter ability, and they fixed It now. She is perfect right now and needs no further change. I’m very happy with how It was done.
Honestly gemini had a very boring moveset, I’m very happy that It got a special move for itself. Remember, It only has a shield for 1 turn, even If this is a buff, there is a downside. But now gemini counters indo gen2 100%. That’s good in my book.
There was the solution of nerfing everything, but they chose the solution of reworking stuff and maintaining indo gen2 as is for now. I much rather have this than nerfs. I look at It this way, If everyone is OP then OP doesn’t existe anymore. And they can always add more counter options later, which is also a much prefered solution over nerfing. I’m completely happy with how gemini and Ardentis were changed and i hope they stay like this. If they end up way too strong, they can just tone down their stats a bit on later updates, no biggie. But on terms of moveset, i think they are perfect now.

Now, i absolutely agree with you on the rending takedown. What the heck. Unecessary, unwanted, nonsensical nerf. I really hope that 2 turn delay is a typo and never happens. This change would destroy every creature with this move.


Against Gemini no longer it’s now dies in three hits Gemini literally lost its one counter

But you see now the towers are the new op everything is just not worth it you wanna win you have to use the towers

I like the new move. I think gemini needed a special move for itself, the kit before was good but kinda meh. It only has a shield for one turn now, so It loses a bit of survivability, which balanced It out.