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Gemini and Maxima - Poll

We had a pre-update topic about the new versions of these two, but I decided to make a new one, now that we had the opportunity to battle with them and against them… They are very similar and have arguably the same role in a battle, but there are some slight differences. So…

If someone asks for your advice about which one to make and use (not considering the difficulty to create them), what would be your advice?

  • Ardentimaxima
  • Geminititan
  • Either one, both are very good
  • None. There are better creatures to use
  • I don’t know / don’t have an opinion about it

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I’ve got both and they are both awesome but I’ve found maxima to be the better of the two for me more damage I would say though thinking about it Geminititan would be better against a Thor if both are fresh with the distraction as the second turn after the slow down to counter the priority stun damage or even to get them to waste Thor’s haymaker second hit

Put Maxima’s name wrong there and can’t fix it… oh well =/

Ardentis will probably win, cause I’ve noticed players preference towards it… But I prefer Gemini… The fact that it doesn’t allow a revenge kill to Thors and Tenontos (on equal grounds) is huge… or will be huge one day, when it catches up to super speedster Thors out there

I have found Geminititan is the easier of the two to level at the minute. The only reason I’ve got maxima is I had a big boost of DNA from the campaign haven’t had the best of luck getting the ingredients apart from Bronto since

There is the 30% crit chance with Maxima and thinking about it the shield if they decide to try and priority you after the slow down does work used that recently, hey you got me thinking way to much on a Sunday morning :joy:

I can’t say because I don’t have Maxima, but I find Gemini extremely hard to level up! Would never have made it if it wasn’t for the daily rewards… And one on one, Gemini beats Maxima if Maxima doesn’t crit

It’s still Saturday night for me xD

I found Geminititan a nightmare in the later campaigns it took me a lot of luck to eventually beat it so I might start concentrating on it, I’m just glad I’m able to have a bit of variety in my team

They’re both extremely good, but Maxima is quite an auto-pilot dino, such as Thor, and it’s way easier to use than Gemini. Probably that’s why people prefer it.

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