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Gemini can't decelerate indo2

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Bug Description: after gemini go delecerate rampage vs indo2, indo2 still go first in the next move

Area is was found in:

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What type of device are you using:iphone

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Im useing Gemini since day one. Never heard or encounterd this bug.
Decel works as intended every time i play this matchup.

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i just had this the first time…my gemini ate one extra rampage from that indo2… even that indo2 had the red deceleration stripes over its body…the yellow arrow was on indo2’s side.

how many times was it speed up with Cautious Strike. Mutual Furry and it’s base speed? (will assume gem is 110 speed)
There are times when even if a creature is slowed, with a high enough base speed + some speed ups, it is still faster. i think it’s because slow effects the base speed of a creature, and not the speed ups. Will need confirmation on that, but it is the only reason i can think of that would cause this scenario.

indo g2 would need 156 base speed + two sets of speed up to be faster than a base speed Gem if my hypothesis is correct.

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that indo2 was like 156 or 158.

then that is probably why if it had 2 speed up bonuses before you used Decel rampage.
But would definitely need a mod to confirm how slow and speed up work. I just assumed they work like ferocity vs distraction

Same bug happened to my Carnotarkus vs Indo G2, multiple times. It doesn’t always fail, but it does on multiple occasions already and it’s super annoying as I’m not sure exactly how it was triggered!

Remove CS speedup to solve this bug