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Gemini Counters and Countered (w/ boosts)

So I’m probably gonna add Gemini to my team soon, but I’m wondering what would it counter/ be countered by. Please note that boosts can be taken into consideration

it literally beats everything with correct prediction. but things to watch out for are tryko, Lania, grypolyth, Moth, and alloraptor. Also that she’ll be low health against a lot of her wining match ups.


rubs hands maliciously well as a guy who could win a skill tourney if he put his mind to it (also NA east is awesome for tourney, i early lose speedties), I’d say I could play a very deadly Gemini :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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It loses to grypo, boosted or unboosted. I think a max hp tarkus can also take it down 100%. Unboosted, you have the 50/50 with tryko, entelomoth, marsupial lion, and alloraptor. Also, a set up mammolania will win (unboosted at least). Also think Indom gen 2 can take it down with max attack and speed that is just lower than the gemini’s speed

It depends on the level of said alloraptor because mine is only 16 lol with no attack boost

When we talk about counters we always asume even levels and no boosts.

Those nitro Thors depends on Gemini health, damage and mind games.

Also Gemini is usually left as setup for next creature.

Geminititan is very good and I don’t get why people call it OP because it’s so hard to create. People are probably just whining that they can’t get it and crying for nerfs so people won’t use anymore. Unlike a certain creature which everyone can get and is stupidly OP


It’s very hard to make but a lot more people have it than before. Mine is level 23 and it’s probably the mvp of my team. Hardly boosted. Also this is jah_minititan from Instagram

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Yeah i know, could tell from the pfp

That’s not why people say it’s op. It’s really not but the reason is that it has a decent chance to beat everything in the game.

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I would think tyro would have a good match up against gemini?

Depends on play. I’ve noticed a way for Gem to win.

Turn 1:Tryo goes for Ferocious Strike, 1950 damage is dealt to Gem. Gem goes for Null Strike, 1400 damage is dealt to Tryo.
Turn 2:Tryo goes for DSR, 2600 damage is dealt to Gem. Gem goes for Decel Rampage, 2800 damage is dear to Tryo, Tryo is dead.

Ah ok I was thinking with boosted tyro in mind, and also because just fought this beast in low library today lol.

Agreed… Ardentismaxima is truly almost as good as Gemini, yet nobody complain about it simply because everybody already has a high level Maxima and nobody would complaint on one of his own dino. (Maxima is only a tiny bit not as good as Gemini). I have a feeling that after the boost reset, when everybody will boost their high level but currently unboosted Maxima (using boosts allocated to lesser dinos previously), we will start to see complaints about too many Maxima around (a bit like in the old Thor times).

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Tryo is good when the opponent is gemini is out because gemini is usually left with little hp after the matchup, which is where tryo shines

Tryo is a revenge killer, so 1v1s are usually not its thing. Sadly people just don’t understand this, and they think Tryo is bad

Maxima isn’t even close to Gemini in terms of power. And this is coming from someone with both a high level maxima and Gemini on the team

The reason Indo gen 2 is OP is because it is easier to create and level up

It’s the only other dino that almost was a HIGH tyrant by the Gamepress pros: Ardentismaxima Low Tyrant (60.90%) High Tyrant (39.1%) So I would not say “it’s not even close”… As a starter, unless you have something that chump armor, you’re 100% sure to loose your first dino against it… And basically, the only reason it didn’t made high tyrant, is because the actual high tyrants can beat it, but not the other way around… You’re lucky to have both (Gemini and Maxima), but once again, what I’m saying is that if stats stay the same, since more players have Maxima, this thing will be extremely annoying (as much as Thor was back then) when fully boosted… Once again, time will tell, we have to wait for the reset