Gemini doesn't take more damage when vulnerable

Ive had it happen 4 times now. Ive swapped in on or just hit a gemini thats vulnerable and it didnt receive any extra damage. No i wasnt distracted. No it didnt have a shield up. It was flashing like it was vulnerable but took normal damage. Anyone else? Or anyone know why?

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I’ll look out for that as I can’t say I’ve noticed @nerfousmaximus.

Guess it’s just another one to put with the ‘broken but will fix later’ pile!


I faced one recently and it did receive extra damage when vulnerable. Weird.

Keep it mind it does resist vulnerability though so an incoming attack will only do 1.25x attack, as opposed to 1.5x attack for a creature that doesn’t resist vulnerability.

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I think I had this happen too, about a week ago. Attacked Gemini whilst vulnerable and it only did the same amount of damage as it would when vulnerability isn’t applied.

Were you doing hadros lux vs geminititan on turn 1 and swapped to ceramagnus, monolorhino or woolly rhino on turn 2?

This time was tryk vs gem. Res impact then gem decel rampage. I swap in cera and does normal damage. Gem does dsr. I do speed up and does half normal damage through shield when gem still vul.

Ok so new chapter in story just had tryk against thor. Res impact left thor vul. Swapped in rhino and didnt do any extra damage. So not something wrong with gemini but possibly something wrong with tryks res impact?

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I would say probably tryko is the bug or the swap ins

That is odd indeed. Resilient impact should make it vulnerable for 2 attacks, lasting 2 turns. Unless your trykosaurus is faster than geminititan, maybe the counter attack counts as next turn and when you swap in it is already the 3rd turn.

I never had this issue but my trykosaurus is always slower than geminititan.

there is a bug going on with resilient attacks along with shields where it shows the animation of vulnerable but when u attack does normal damage and in shield case, it shows shield is up but it s not

Weird, today I fought 2 Geminis in the Aviary - one of them took the extra 0.25x damage (50% vulner resistance) but the other had the animation on-going but took no extra damage!

Resilient moves/ Superiority Vulner inflicts vulnerability for 2 turns but 1 attack. (checked on JWA Toolbox)
So, maybe the creature stops taking extra damage after only 1 attack, and there is an animation bug (for 2 turns)?

I was fielding Dio at the time.

Ok so i was able to video it in friendly but it wont let me upload it. This is a screenshot of my tryk rampaging on a vulnerable brachi which has no resistance to vulnerability after i hit it with resilient impact. Doing 3200 damage when should be doing 4800 correct? Anyone able to explain?

I believe your counter attack did 1.5x damage instead of the rampage

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So maybe this isn’t limited to only Gemini. Maybe it’s a bug with the vulnerability mechanic as a whole.(or maybe inconsistent ability description?)
Did the battle go this way? :point_down:
Brachi(faster) does any attack
Tryko counters
Trying does Resilient impact.
Brachi is now vulnerable.
Brachi(vulner) does another attack
Tryko counters
Tryko does DSR

Brachi was vulnerable for 2 turns, 1 attacks.
Maybe the counter used up the vulnerability, as in it counts as an attack? Try vulnerability with a non-counter creature!

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It’s because of the counter. Since it’s counted as an attack.

Ya thats exactly how we did it.

And every resilient description says 2 attacks lasting 2 turns. So the counter would be 1 attack and the rampage would be 2. So it should be vulnerable for both correct?

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