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Gemini needs a nerf

Gemini has no counters whatsoever. It is way too powerful and should lose half of its immunity. None of its parents have immunities. Gemini is broken and needs a serious nerfing down several pegs. There I said it.

Per request here is my team to show you how my team is set up.

i love my gemini. i love using her. but even i can agree she’s broken. have her loose some immunities (bleed and stun) and maybe a slight alteration to DSA (remove the armor bypass).


I think eveyone should add their team when posting also adding a comment to nerf threads. That way, we might now why he/she wants a nerf or buff.


That would be a perfect set up

My team is predominantly immune with the exceptions of Thor, Smilonemys, and the Indos.


It isn’t true that Gemini has no counters whatsoever, but I do agree that it definitely needs a nerf. I’d get rid of all or some Immunities, and maybe change DSA.

As for my team, I run Gemini if that’s what you mean.


Well I fought against one that was a level 27 Gemini. Totally obliterated my team. More than likely a dropper in Aviary which is expected when tournaments are active.

Yikes. I’ve never faced one far from creation level. My Carnotarkus usually eats those right up, especially if they don’t have good prediction, but a level 27…
What trophy level was it at?

I love gem so much but I agree, it needs a nerf even though it would incredibly hurt my team since she is one of my best 4 (Aisde for Max, Tryko and Dimodac), I would say:
6000 HP
1450 DMG
5 crit
0 armor
110 Speed

Nullifying Strike
Decelerating Rampage
Definite Shield Advantage but remove the armor piercing (It still destroys shields but it can’t bypass armor and give it a cooldown 2)
Distracting Strike

Immune to everything except Swap prevention and DoT

Gemini rework


  • Same


  • Nullifying strike
  • Decelerating rampage
  • Definite shield advantage
  • Instant distraction
  • Immune to distraction
  • Immune to deceleration
  • Immune to vulnerable

Move reworks

  • Decelerating rampage
    Cooldown is now 2
  • Definite shield advantage
    Cooldown is now 2, Delay is now 1

Being that I cannot see trophy count because Ludia never fixed the bug. I am thinking probably in the 4800 to 4900 trophy count. Possibly a 5000 trophy count. I see a pattern usually with Gemini users and that is they are always either upper Aviary or in Library.

i sit in the 4800-5090 range myself. i have never seen a lv 27 gem. could have been someone from higher library/ gyro that had a bad loosing streak.

Your indo gen 2 can beat gemini and your tryo and maybe your thor with more speed. Sorry i dont understand complain!

Those cooldowns are too much imo. But i do agree with the immunities. I think just the immunity rework and perhaps make DSA not bypass armor(just break shields) is suficient to balance It. But i honestly can’t imagine using my gemini with all those cooldowns.


Well purutarus has instant distraction which none of its parents have but I guess it has to be broken before we can talk.

If only I had the boosts to put into Tryo and Indo Gen2

That would be an ideal nerf



Sure gemini kills indo gen 2 but then…

The next dino Kill gemini and got his Big Dmg ready!


Indo gen2 is countered by gemini, it’s the opposite
Tryko can counter It If predicted right, but It isn’t 100%. The only creature that beats gemini 100%(if you don’t count crits) as far as i know is grypolyth. Could be forgeting something though.