Gemini needs a nerf

I’ve noticed a common strategy to both Gemini and Max is setting up and finishing off with Dracco. This has happen to me quite a bit lately. I hate losing but it’s good to see Dracco ressurected.:rofl:

That’s true honestly of moth was just say 116-117 speed it would be much more counterable

Something similar happens to me every time I face an Indo2 (now I don’t usually face Yoshi). I feel something like disgust. In fact, I often turn off the game without finishing the game. Facing a Gemini or a Mammolania is different. It is interesting, challenging. They can destroy you but you know you have your chance if you do a good tactic.


True to that I faced one mammolania and while I sensed dread I also was fascinated on how I was gonna beat it turns out thyla just need a lucky DP and I instantly took 80% of it Health and it got revenge killed next turn and I won’t the match

And Gemini well…let’s just say they didn’t know how to use her

It would still take down threats like magna and smilo at 117. Moth just has so much going for it that nerfing it wouldn’t really affect it as much

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In 1.8 they nerfed Magna and buffed Gemini due to difficulty in obtaining ingredients. Seems that there is a much more difficult time in producing a Gemini, to me, so I can’t really argue that point.

Instead of just nerfing creatures people have difficulties with, why not just make better creatures? Honestly, if Gemini gets nerfed, no doubt some other dino could come along and take over its reign of terror.

And if Ludia decides to nerf, I can’t change that. But I don’t think a big slash in stats, or a complete change in kits is going to magically fix everything. There is always going to be a dino that stands above the rest, and Ludia gets to make the decision.

But I mean they also nerfed nemys which cost more cause it’s 3 epic two which are exclusive (pachy and turtle) but also magna is one of the heradest creatures to lvl thanks to dimetrodon being zone locked and irrator being arena exclusive so they should have left it where it’s is.

Looking over it tryko and nemys should be the best in the game since they both are the only ones that are epic+epic+epic. ‘But tryko is not that hard to create’ Yes it still is anky is zone 1 locked, kentro zone 4 and trex while yes it’s is a global you need 200 a pop and it’s has other hybrids that you have to share it’s dna with

To me it’s just that MF it’s basically oh you have the upper hand hahahah no anymore just removing that from it’s kit would allow for like a flood more of counter but Ludia would probably never do that

True. Gem and Lania are at least hard to make (still not balanced but at least partially explainable), while playing Indo G2 is just cheap, easy way to win.


First of all, they buffed Magna the very next patch because the nerf wasn’t justified, especially since it’s one of the hardest Uniques to create and level.

Secondly, the Gemini buff was minimal, an attack buff to 1400 that did very little for it. If you’re suggesting that’s what Gemini deserves, then I strongly disagree, because that’s probably too harsh a nerf imo.

Ah, the “indirect nerf” argument. The answer to that is very simple. Indirectly nerfing Gemini also indirectly nerfs anything and everything similar to it, or quite possibly, creatures that aren’t similar at all too.
If only I had a recent example of a creature Ludia added to the game that can beat Geminititan.
Oh wait, I do: Entelomoth. That monster beats Gemini if played right, but as a result, it also wrecks practically everything else, to an extent where it’s considered by some (me included) to be a worse problem than Geminititan itself.

In short, giving a new hybrid the power to beat an OP creature messes with actually balanced creatures, and has a ton of unintended consequences. This can lead to a ton of player frustration, and a lot more than a little disappointment. It’s much more efficient and reasonable to simply nerf the first OP creature to the point at which it beats enough creatures to remain relevant (even above average in the case of Gemini) but not so many that it causes imbalance.

Irrelevant. If you’re implying what I think you’re implying, that’s like giving up finding a cure for the Coronavirus because some new infectious disease is bound to come up eventually. It makes literally zero sense.

It won’t. It will fix everything (with respect to Geminititan, of course) in a completely unremarkable, almost routine manner. That’s just how these games work (although Ludia probably shouldn’t be making these OP monsters in the first place).

Look to creatures like Carbonemys, Indoraptor G2 and Ardentismaxima. While we may disagree with Ludia on what the best ways of reworking these creatures are, their way has got results. Carbonemys is now way more counterable but not obsolete, Indoraptor G2 is almost fine, and Maxima is more easily counterable now.

Interesting prophesy.


I would like to say that I do understand points that you’re making. I do not agree with all of them, and that is okay. We don’t have to agree on everything, or completely change each other’s opinions. However I would like to clarify something you referenced in your response to me suggesting stronger creatures

I was actually referring more to making existing creatures stronger, rather than making completely new ones like Entelemoth. Seems like they just come out with more powerful, new creatures, and leave the old ones behind. If long standing creatures get buffed to a degree, with Gemini not really changing, could that be viable? Just closing the gap, but not taking away the perks of Gemini since she’s so hard to create?

Though, if a nerf was to be made…I think taking away DSA would be agreeable. Just make it regular Shield Advatage

DSA should be tweaked, not removed. I hate moves that are strictly better than another, like how definite rampage was strictly better than definite impact. Now that they changed it to a 2 turn cooldown, it makes you choose between the 2. DSA should be the same thing. It should not be a strictly better than definite impact

You’d need to change quite a few creatures to make a difference, but I suppose it’s possible. I don’t think it’s probable, though. Gemini is one tough nut to crack.

I’m really not a big fan of having a x1.5 on that attack when you’ve already added Definite onto it. The Definite part doesn’t make much sense, really.

You also already have Null strike on Gemini. That was the thing they did to Maxima. Took away Definite Rampage and gave it a move to work with. (Maxima is also made out of chompier creatures, which warrants it having two Shield bypassing moves)

@SicilianBeast my comments keep getting banned. Get real counters for gemini. Grypo or dioraja. Stop banning my posts i am trying to help this guy.

Yeah well there is a difference between belittling and constructive criticism

No thank you.

Anywho, aside from changing DSA to just SA, I’m gonna say that the other thing I see as an agreeable change is to HP. I know my chumby boi Brontolasmus has more HP than his ingredients, but I think with all of Gemini’s other stats there is no justification for the HP not to be an average between ingredients

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@Rinnah dsa shouldn’t be changed to sa. No changes are required. He had counter dinos just as most other dinos do.

Didn’t gem have much more hp than what she has now? Not sure of the actual number as i didn’t get her until way later. (1.12)