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Gemini should have its 6K health back

Diplod, a parent of gemini has 6000 health still, so why does gemini only have 5400 health? Other than for balance reasons it makes no sense for it not to have 6000 health. If maxima has that much health why shouldn’t gemini also? On a side note after the pretty harsh HP nerf gem received, people have been saying it’s “mediocre,” or that the nerf it received no longer makes it viable in the meta, however that could not be farther from the truth. Gemini IS still meta, it’s just the more balanced version of Ardentismaxima (technically speaking…)but still meta nonetheless. Don’t underestimate gemini, it is actually a lot much stronger than people give it credit for, it’s arguably still a top 5 creature in the game, if not top 10. If oh so broken maxima deserves that much health because “it’s hard to get” then why can’t gemini have as much HP as well? I get Gemini was broken ever since the DSA buff, and the nerf it received was fine, however the health nerf was kind of overkill…


I would give gemini back its 1400 attack and leave it at 5700 health. Imo 6k health is too much for an ‘immune’ resilient/chomper


Honestly i think gemini should be stronger than maxima.


I agree with trollik but the reason why i think maxima should remain stronger then gemini is because it’s components are harder to get(but this does not mean it shouldn’t get at least some type of a nerf). Maxima reqires an execlusive epic, daily spawn rare, and a local 3 epic. So overall pretty hard to get(if we don’t count the handouts in the events wich i think will lead to a nerf trap). While gemini reqires an execlusive epic and 2 global spawn rares. More hunting, attention to events and santuary farming should be rewarded with a stronger creature. And you even said it’s arguably top 5 so why are you here crying for a buff. Just because 1 component has one stats better then it’s hybrid does not mean the hybrid should also have that much. Thats like if i said that dilophoboa should have like 1100 damage at lvl 16 cause dilo g2 has that much.

I’d consider Geminititan just as hard to get as Dentist. Diplodocus doesn’t feature in events anywhere near as much as Brachiosaurus and it’s been removed from some weekly themes in 2.0, and the global day rare pool is so diluted it’s easier to find local epics than a global rare. It deserves to be just as good.

As she is, she’s pretty balanced. We wanted her nerfed last patch and we got it. The problem is that a lot of people run her underleveled, so there’s the illusion of Gem being worse than she is.

I guess I wouldn’t mind a health buff as long as that’s the only thing she gets, but she isn’t even top 10 on things that need buffs in the next update. I say this as a gem user.


Gem needs a damage buff big time.

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You do know that it’s only since 2.0 that Brachio became an exclusive? (while Diplo has always been exclusive). I never even tried to make Maxima, but since it was too OP, useful in raids, and since I had the coins, I decided to make mine after 2.0 Want a clue of how much it was easy to get DNA for Maxima before the update? Mine is now level 28! I NEVER tried to get DNA for it, since I was working on Gemini all the time, so if there was an event with Brachio and Diplo, I was always going for Diplo… Since 2.0, I’ve started working on Maxima instead (I’m no longer giving his DNA away like I was doing before 2.0) and I should be able to level it up to 29 soon. So, sorry, but making Brachio exclusive NOW is bad for new players like yourself, but trust me, for other players, it’s a joke!

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Always been a Gemini fan. Run it in my team since last year august. Probably op before 2.0, now i think it’s quite well balanced, it could use a little stat buff.
Compared with Maxima, always thought that these 2 creatures have to be on similar power level, one better in some point and vice versa.
Now Maxima is too strong and needs to be addressed. The whole “Brachi exclusive” thing doesn’t make sense cause for 2 years its components have been available on the map and Maxima itself took part to 2 darting events. It make sense if you introduce a creature that feature an exclusive dino from the start, not like this


Gemi was nerfed hard. It lost too much. It can’t compete anymore. It is no longer in the top 15 .

No thank you,and for maxima,just wait,he will have his well deserve nerf soon.