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Gemini vs ardentis

Hey all my team is pretty high and set right now but between this week and next week I will be able to get one of the long necks pretty high but which one to choose? Between ardentis or gemini?

A level 21 Gemini won’t do much good on your team, despite being a Gemini.

That’s why I added that I’d be able to get them both pretty high.

Gemini is tyrant tier and a great all rounder but ardentis is immune and likely to get a buff in the next patch.

Maybe one of the top 500 longneck fans will reply here eventually, but it sounds like current #1 on the leaderboard really loves Gemini. Even though it isn’t immune, I think it does more damage and can tank a serious hit, and I know people experienced with Maxima wish it had better critical or armor, like its predecessor, Brachiosaurus. Still, they’re both part of a class that doesn’t get much love these days because of all the heavy tankbusters, so they’ll both have drawbacks.

Now it’s a real hard choice, both Gemini and ardentis will be immune, with Gemini doing slightly more damage but ardentis having armor, higher crit and an arguably better move set. Dang choices…

Someone want to explain where Gemini got her immune from?? Maybe some of that Indominus DNA spilled over when Dr. Wu created the Gen 2? :rofl:

You didn’t ask for reality!!!


That’s actually a good question, didn’t think of that.

Now that Geminititan is getting immunity, it kind of incentivizes me to create it and swap out Nodopatotitan in the future. That way I could have two sauropods immune to bleed/stun/distract that can slow stuff down and hit heavily.

Ned why do yall keep forgetting about Tuoramoloch!!! It needs some much needed buffs. Tuora did nothing wrong!!!

Both Gemintitan and Ardent got buffs.
Although Gemintitan lost some very nice damage, it gained immunity, and 2 speed, so it outspeeds Thor, Tenontorex, now.

We didn’t forget about her. :frowning:

- weally? People have been making fun of her for so long… They call her trash Ned ;*(

The people call her a waste of a unique and forgotten.

She has paid her dues. She has been punished enough for her sins so many patches ago. She just wants to be respected the same way Diorajasaur is.