Geminititan matchups

At lvl 26, with no boosts and in a condition of 1 vs1 with autoswap allowed, Geminititan has the following matchup:
He win against Utaraptor, Tuoramoloch, Tryostronix, Thora, Stegodeus, Dilo, Erlikospyx, Grypolyth, Indoraptor, Procetatomimus, Quetzorion.
He loses against Diorajasaurus, Trykosaurus, Magnapyrritor, Tenontorex.
He spar with Monostegotops, as Gemini wins normally, but Mono can win if he stun and does a single critical hit over three attacks.


How does Gemini wins against Thor ?

I kept imagining the fight but it seems to me instant charge will always screw it up.

Gemini’s life is too high for Thora, he survives even is Thora does 2 crits with chomp and instant charge. Then Gemini need only the slowing charge and a basic attack for take the enemy down. Tenontorex, instead, has the superiority strike so the match become a predict matchup with Tenonto in a better position.

Could you enlighten me as to how gemini beats grypolyth?

Way I see it, gemini does 2400 with Decel Rampage, then 1200 with null strike. It takes 1590 on each hit from grypos counter alone plus 2000 each time grypo uses DSS/Long Protection. Total of 5180. Grypo then Regens as gemini can’t go for double damage due to long protection being up since grypo uses that turn 2, and gemini is forced to null it. The counter on the Regen turn then finishes geminititan off as it null strikes, while grypo is sitting at 1840 hp left

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Grypo is actually the worst possible matchup for Gemini lol. Also Gemini has the potential to beat tenrex. If lead with LP. It forces tenrex to DSR turn 2. But there is other options as well.

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Gemini has 1400 atk and Grypo 1000.
Gemini start with rampage (2800), Grypo counters and use shield (2000). Gemini nullify (1400) and Grypo counters and dss (2000). At this point Grypo has 240 and Gemini 2360. Grypo must regenerate (2220) but it’s not enough and dies for the rampage.

Probably you made mats with you own Dino at different levels and different boosts, but as I said for first, my calculations are made at lvl 26 and no boosts.

Gemini actually has 1500 base atk at 26

And turn one damage with rampage is 2400. Grypo has 20% armor. And each of grypos counter attacks is doing 1590 damage to gemini. Plus the move selection


Grypo has a rending, not normal counter, which is devastating to something with hp as high as gemini. You also completely disregarded grypos Armour in your calculations

You’re right, didn’t calculate armor and rend. Effectively, with new calculations, Grypo wins the matchup losing 3380 hp over 4440. BTW I’ve not found 1.5 atk on Gemini anywhere, but 1.4k.


Yeah there was a lot of misinformation around about geminis attack Stat, but idgt is one of very few who actually has it, and confirmed in a friendly that it was 1.5k base :slight_smile:

When they hot fixed that? I remember patch notes and even game press refers at them at 1400, did they sneaky posted the info on twitter or something like that?

Recently. They updated the field guide again.