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Geminititan need a Buff

Is one of the difficult unique to make and of course needs a buff
Like 5700 HP and 1500 attack


No, absolutely not.
Titan is fine.

It just looks bad because Skoona, Phorex, Monorhino, etc need a nerf.


For me is better buff Titan to Level of Phor, and Skoona than nerf other creatures


It’s definitely falling out the meta, a minor buff would be nice. Maybe Vulnerability immunity and 50-100 more attack.


So you want to make balanced dinos broken just because the broken dinos make it rubbish? Just no

Aside from very minor nerfs on those creatures to make them on the same level on others like spinocon and trebax gemini possibly needs no (dramatic) changes since it fairs well on the other power crept/balanced uniques and apexes


If anything its maxima that needs a buff along with others like tarkus (to get it out of tourney niche) vexus and minor buffs to thor and indo since those 2 are only good when theyre facing lower levels


In aviary there are more ardentismaximas than gemi and that is really wierd I mean gemi is a way better creature than maxima.

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No. It’s perfectly fine as it is.


It’s fine as is. The meta is constantly changing and creatures will consistently rise and fall out of place.

That’s the game mechanic.

Unless something is a MAJOR problem, like recently, Argenterix, I wouldn’t take to much stock into it.

Just roll with the punches or stop playing ultimately.


I kinda disagree. A minor buff wouldn’t be a scandal. It is still quite hard to level up and probably giving it 100% resistance to vulnerable would be enough for it to no longer be a 1 turn wonder.


Once you hit Library Gemini is totally a one hit wonder. So many creatures carry such a strong first hit and with all the swap in damage dinos out there, Gem is almost always swapped out after it’s initial first hit.

Maybe if it had some rend resistance that might help it become more meta relevant. Possibly a bit of DOT resistance might help too.

Just to say that I haven’t used it on two of my accounts for some time now as it really did become hopeless. On my main it’s clinging on by the skin of its teeth as it’s level 30 and fully boosted and I haven’t enough boosts spare to replace it with something more useful.


At this point this topic should be about properly buffing all the power crept uniques like maxima dio tryko etc.


So many good creatures have a DOT attacks in the meta so it may be worth it

Maxima has always been easier to build than gemini since brachi only went exclusive almost 2 years ago while diplod has never seen normal wild spawns


Yeah thats true

This. I agree with this. That’s essentially, in my opinion, the bottom line of this topic. Gem just happens to “hold the banner” of this headline.

Bottom line is that the moves have changed making older Dinos obsolete. But this phenomena happens with any product.

But we shouldnt just sit around completely silent and watch as this phenomena happen. Not at this scale where everything outside of the top 8 is rather leagues below them. I know this is just a game but people are paying real life money and getting continuously scammed both money wise and mentally if this absurdity of “out with the old in with the new” mentality continues in this scale. Coming from someone who is skeptic about the 2022 “community update”


Again. I agree.

But realistically, I hold myself to the “I can stop playing at any time” rule as well. That’s what takes the “bluster” out of my sails ultimately.

So far, things ARE getting balanced out, albeit slowly, but honestly, for me it is what it is at this point. I may just be speaking out of burn out for this topic though.

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I agree. Thats kinda my same philosophy at this point. Atleast while I’m still not too busy with other things outside of jwa. But as someone else said this game has become an abusive relationship at this point


Among so many creatures that need a buff, Gemini is definitely not one of them. Even though it’s not one of the best uniques in the game it’s still viable unlike Vexus which is completely useless.

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