Geminititan or Mammolania?

Gemini is OP
Mammo is OP

Who is the most OP in the game ?

  • Geminititan
  • Mammolania

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I don’t honestly know since I don’t have either


Obviously Mammolania. Even Gemini isn’t that broken

I’m gonna go with Mammolania, although Gemini is definitely close behind. Anything that can deal 2x guaranteed damage (and Mammolania can do even more with PFS) needs to be looked at immediately.

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tenor (2)


Why do so many people think Mini is more OP than Lani?

Lani is even easier to make, except for Mammoth being newer.

Gemini is stronger of the 2. It’s “100%” counter can still lose (alloraptor). And the ones that counter it well have a decent chance of falling as well (tryko and grypo). And, with tryko, a well-timed ID from gemini gives it a great advantage. The best counters are alloraptor, tryko, grypo, and moth. As for mammolania, it’s probably # 2 or #3 with moth. It’s immunity to distraction is good, but it does struggle against stunners, especially swap-in stunning creatures like smilo and monostego as they are able to wait out the ferocity. It also has 100% counterS (with an “S”) in the form of moth (gemini is 95%). It also has more counters, some of which are easier to make (baryonyx). While both are good, gemini is better


All new legendary and unique dinos are either OP or useless. Mammolania is one of the broken ones…

I really don’t like the idea of having so many immune dinos in the game.

Ugh I thought it was talking about mammotherium. I chose gem, but mammolania is much better. But it needs more armor, at least 50%

Then it will be more broken