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Geminititian vs. Ardentismaxima

Which one of the two do you think are better. Im hoping to run at least one of these, and was leaning more towards Gemini due to having long protection, nullify, a rampaging decel move, and instant distraction. However, Ardentis got buffed af, so now im unsure which is better

I like Gemini’s design better, but Ardentis is easier to make. So for me it would be Ardentis since he got a fat buff and is easier to make.

I think Gemini is slightly better because of higher health, as well as attack, even if it doesn’t have armor. But that’s not to say Maxima isn’t amazing now.

Thats what i was thinking. Gemini has slightly higher bulk and damage, but whats making me like it more than maxima is the fact it gets long protection and instant distraction, on top of gaining immunity tomorrow. Luckily, im so close to unlocking it. Only 20 dna needed :smiley:

I would run both if I could, but I don’t think a level 21/22 Gemini would do much good in low library, lol.

Ardentis will probably be better after 1.9, as it will counter Indo, Yoshi and Smilonemys with Definite Rampage.

If anything, i think it just comes down to preference and what you need filled in on the team

It really depends on what your facing against, if you like Cristina and Armor ardentis is your girl, if you like doing massive damage, nullify and have a long lasting shield then go for Gemini, if you want to constantly doing 1.5 and 2x over and over then ardentis, if not the Gemini is the way.

For me, id prefer longevity. The long protection and instant distraction are really nice moves to have, and decel rampage isnt bad either

My Maxima is L24 and Gemini is L23 (ready to go to L24); Maxima is unboosted and Gemini has 4/4/4. Gemini can probably just about cut it on the team so I can try it out; not so much with Maxima and I don’t want to squander boosts - may play a few friendlies to help me decide. There’s also the issue of what to take off … :thinking:

Imagine if Gemini’s only supposed to be Immune to one particular debuff, and the resulting confusion is because of a typo. Considering the number of confirmed typos in the release notes, especially regarding immunity, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Regardless, although both of them are pretty much overpowered, I like that the Sauropods are now finally a force to be reckoned with in the arena. Especially since on of them is a hybrid of Brachiosaurus and Argentinosaurus, two of the largest. It figures that something that big would laugh status effects in the face.
Whichever way the update goes with Gemini,
Theropods, prepare to get stomped.

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