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Gems con?

Firstly, excuse my english. Not native.

But, I bought germs for the first time for a date. I bought the answer and then the app freeze. Couldn’t do anything and when I restarted the game, I had to remake the all date, and then bought again the good answer. The gems are hard to come by but to have to bought twice a answer, i feel a little like stolen. (especially when the answer cost 130 gems)

Do anyone have a solution for me to retrieve the gems ?

Email their support address (it’s posted in other threads here, sorry I don’t have it right now) and include your System Key. They should be able to help you.

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Welcome to the forums, @Lexopedia! I’m sorry to hear about what happened. It’s unusual for a player to pay twice for the same premium answer. As Shauna_Ann mentioned, our support team can be reached at They will get back to you as soon as they get the chance to read your message. Your patience is appreciated!