GEN 2 dinos totally useless


I have a big bounch of gen 2 dinos, but i didnt find any sense to get them.
Yes they are a little bit stronger than the simple version, but not nearly enough for battleing hibrids or golds (or higher tier). And you cannot turn them to hibrids.
Will be gen 2 hibrids coming too? If not, i think i will just ignore them in the future…


Yah, I agree. I’ve found myself checking to see if it’s gen 2 and then not bothering. They don’t lead to a hybrid and typically not as good as other non Gen Dinos. So not worth using darts


If you look, Gen 2s have different stats than Gen 1s. For example, Tyrannosaurus Gen 2 has 20 more health, 2 more speed, but 10 less attack/ one less attack. They are pretty good alternatives to Gen 1s!