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Gen 2 dinosaurs in hiding?

has anyone noticed that some superhybrids look exactly like the hybrid used to make them just with different colors! here are 2 examples:
thordoraldosaur looks like allosinosaurus
spinocostrictor looks like dilophoboa.

It’s because they use their DNA, so of course they’re going to look similar. Although Thor doesn’t look very similar to Allosino since it’s bright green and has those killer spikes up and down it’s back.


They haven’t got just different colors. There are many more details making them different

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true. other than the spine spinoconstrictor still looks similer

To be fair, the Dimetrodons do use a slightly different model. Gen 2 has a much “rougher” sail for example, but I think you’re grasping at straws here.

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Well the hybrids almost always use the model of one of the parents, but there are exceptions such as purulyth, pututaurus, the indoms and the indos as far as i remember. I wish that there were some original models for hybrids though.

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The thing I’m most astonished about is… where does Utarinex get its red coloring from, when Utasino and Dracorex are blue & green?
I wish we had skins or at least pigmentation so I could turn Utarinex into a light blue or emerald green critter.


maybe I would make a ultimate rainbow indominus at lvl 30


So I’m not the only one seeing it. Dimes always looked different to me

I thought it was well obvious, but perhaps I was wrong.

Ok I see it now