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Gen 2 Velociraptor Advice

Hey Guys,

Was wondering if I could ask for some of your expert opinions on the possible difficulty level on the Gen 2 Velociraptor? Im on level 45 and missed out on the gen 2 t rex because of being below that, but now that im eligible, would really like to get that raptor.

Would you recommend levelling up my dinos as high as possible while waiting for tomorrow or would the last levels be like extremely difficult with the bots using super hybrid/ legendaries and would just be useless to do so?



It will match your top 3, don’t worry. It’s just like the regular events in terms of difficulty. Fear not and good luck! :smiley:

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Well thats a relief. Its just that the other day there was a battle for gold pack and there was just no way i was going to beat the first level, making me paranoid lol. thanks!

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Hey anytime! Do share a screenshot when you finish the event… :wink:

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Sure will! :slight_smile:


Some events are based on your park level too. (Fixed ferocity of dino in the PvE event.) The ferocity based one are on your top 3 dinos.

This event ONLY unlocked for parks Level 65 and above. You’ll just get 1 copy at L45.

That said, I never paid DNA for a Gen 2 Raptor or Trex, I waited to get 8 from the events. (I-Rex Gen 2 from the tournament.)

The Gen 2 Raptor isn’t much stronger than the Gen 1. Being a super rare, you may not use it that much past the “beginning” of the game.

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You are probably talking about sundays right? Dont worry about them since you will definitely become stronger in the future but they will remain the same till level 60… After that you will get new opponents according to your stronger lineup but even they will remain the same till…

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@Timmah hmmm ok… does that mean the event tomorrow for the gen 2 raptor would not match my top 3 because of my level? sorry a bit new to the jargon used lol

@The_Phoenix lmao yep thats the one! After completing the first round then saw the bot’s line up for round 2, i was like “hmmm…at least i got 50 dna…”. hopefully more chances to get gold packs in the future!

I’m not sure.

I don’t know if the event if based on your top 3’s ferocity or if it is fixed to park level.

A prime example is battle stages. They are the same for everyone and are fixed to park level. You could have strong or weak dinos and the battle stages are the same. Stampede events are by park level/fixed too.

Fight for food and coins I think are also fixed to park level (and don’t get harder over time).

Fight for funds is based on ferocity and gets harder as you level up dinos.

If you post a screen shot of your battle dinos, we’ll be able to tell you tomorrow.

Either way, don’t level up now. Level up after you open your battles. It takes your ferocity at the opening of the event. If you level up after, it doesn’t adjust.

Good luck.

The ferocity of the gen 2 fury event is below its top 3 :+1:

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Yay thanks guys you were right! She’s a beauty!

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The Gen 2 Velociraptor event was a Ferocity based one.

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