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Gen 2?

what is the function of GEN 2 in dinosaurs species? Is that an alternative?

It’s a slightly different “version”. Something genetically similar, the same species, but different enough to have its own name.

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youre right, I see just different skin color and skill points…

I think it’s just an alternative to having the same species of dinosaur more easily

It really just makes the game longer. More Dino’s to collect which leads to a larger variety of hybrids.

I think it’s cool to see though. Some gen 2 look better than gen 1 and vice versa.

I guess, technically blue, Charlie, delta, and echo are different gens of raptor.

Simple it’s more profitable, the same model and same animations with a recoulored texture, easy and fast to implement in the game and soon charge for an icubator with it’s dna, and later on make hybrids without having to add a new dinosaur in the game

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I don’t think so. because after I compared GEN 1 and GEN 2 with dinosaurs and the same level, it was proven that GEN 1 is 10% better than GEN 2.

This is compare T-Rex lvl 30 vs T-Rex Gen 2 lvl 30

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Probably but I meant from the business strategic side of Ludia to make the game longer. “Why have 5 dinos when we can have 10” something like that.

so that’s what I mean as an alternative to getting more Dino
as easy as possible