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Gen 2s shouldn't have existed

(Intro: Feel free to skip this part) Ever since JWA was announced, the idea of “Gen 2” dinosaurs always felt weird to me. As someone who studied paleontology, it bothered me that with all the diversity in earths past, they neglected so many dinos in favor of making clones of existing ones. Now, I do understand why Gen 2’s exist. They wanted to boost the games number of creatures while reusing assets. Some may represent other color schemes used in the movies (like Allosaurus in Fallen Kingdom vs Battle at Big Rock), or even other species of the same genus. Plus, some models (for example, Haasts Eagle) have very few alternatives if you don’t use Gen 2s. But I would still prefer for new unique creatures to get representation over more Gen 2s any day, including looking into future additions to the game. So I came up with a list of new creatures to replace each existing Gen 2 in the game.

However, this is not a suggestion post. The game is clearly too far along to make any of these changes. You would have to change names and models, including those of several hybrids. Ludia should be focusing on other things. I just wanted to do this for fun. Plus, they honestly don’t bother me that much (sorry about the clickbait title). I just want to prove that it could have been done.

Now there aren’t any “rules” for these, but I did try to follow a few guidelines. I simply listed one or a few Gen 2s (sharing the same animations), and suggested one or more creatures that could replace them in the game. This doesn’t necessarily mean replacing the Gen 2 at it’s own rarity. If it makes more sense to have the original creature be rarer, so be it - rarity doesn’t really matter here. For the replacements, I tried to favor close evolutionary relatives of the original creature whenever possible, as well as creatures already represented in Jurassic World: The Game or other Jurassic Park/World media. Scale doesn’t matter too much, since the game already doesn’t really use scale accurately, but all replacements should plausibility use the same animations of the original dino. Now for you paleo nerds, some of the species I used will be dubious. But since the game already includes a few dubious taxa (Dracorex, Stiglymoloch, Tarbosaurus…), I let it slide. I chose not to worry about Indominus Rex and Indoraptor Gen 2, because as hybrids having Gen 2s makes more sense for them.

Without further ado, here is my list: (skip over)

Allosaurus Gen 2
There are a lot of options here from within the Allorauroidia clade, including Acrocanthosaurus (soon to be a thing) and Carcharodontosaurus. Even Giganotosaurus. But I went with Metriacanthosaurus because of that one glitch where “Metriachantosaurus Gen 2” appears as a placeholder. Honestly could be any of these. I think I would like Giganotosaurus the most though.

Ankylosaurus Gen 2
Now this is the only Gen 2 from the Ankylosauridae, so there were a lot of options. I could have gone with the closest related genus to Ankylosaurus, Anodontosaurus, but no one has really heard of that one. I also considered the more famous Sauropelta. But this one couldn’t go to anything other than Crichtonsaurus, for obvious reasons.

Baryonyx Gen 2 and Irritator Gen 2
For those who don’t know, the Spinosauridae recently underwent some big revisions, making these two and Spinosaurus Gen 2 surprisingly hard. I went with Ichthyvenator and Oxalaia (it doesn’t really matter which one replaces which). Y’all can let me know if you can think of anything else.

Dilophosaurus Gen 2 and Monolophosaurus Gen 2
These don’t really have well known close relatives, but there are plenty of small theropods available. From JWTG, there are Guanlong and Trodon (yes I know they use the Raptor animations there, but there’s no reason they can’t use small theropod). Other options include other more famous small theropods like Coelophysis and Herrerasaurus. Which ones would you prefer?

Dimetrodon Gen 2
For this one, I chose Sphenacodon. It’s one of the closest relatives of Dimetrodon (the two were even considered to be the same genus early on), and it lends it’s name to Dimetrodon’s family, the Sphenacodontidae. It didn’t have a sail though, but otherwise looked extremely similar.

Diplocaulus Gen 2 and Koolasuchus Gen 2
For these two, there are a plethora of unused amphibians from JWTG. Basically any of them would work. I would prefer Ichthyostega and Eryops, as these are two of the more famous/important representatives.

Dracorex Gen 2 and Stygimoloch Gen 2
These two are weird, because as I mentioned earlier, these two aren’t actually legitimate genera (depending on who you ask), instead being growth stages of Pachycephalosaurus. I wouldn’t replace the Gen 1s though, because there aren’t that many famous members of their family in the first place. One fitting set would be Prenoceohale for Stygimoloch and Homalocephale for Dracorex, because similarly to them Homalocephale is considered by some to be a growth stage of Prenocephale. Other options are Stegoceras, or even Psittacosaurus (though it isn’t that closely related).

Erlikosaurus Gen 2
There are a few members of the Therizinosauridae that would work (like Segnosaurus from JWTG), but this one could only go to Therizinosaurus itself.

Haast Eagle Gen 2
This was probably the hardest one to do (aside from the Spinosauridae). Looking for other large extinct birds, I came across the genus Teratornis (or Teratorn), a relative of New World Vultures. Another option would be it’s close (even larger) relative, Argentavis.

Purussaurus Gen 2
There are a plethora of extinct crocodilians, including some non-crocodilians that use the crocodilian model from JWTG (like Limnoscelis and Prionosuchus). But I had to go for the famous Deinosuchus for this one. Both are actually relatively closely related, being members of the Alligatoroidea superfamily.

Spinosaurus Gen 2
As I stated earlier, the Spinosauridae were especially hard. For Spinosaurus Gen 2, I saved Ostafrikasaurus from JWTG. It may be a junior synonym to science, but it will never be a junior synonym in our hearts.

Titanoboa Gen 2
I thought this one would be hard, but I did manage to find the second-largest snake of all time, Gigantophis. It being the only other giant snake in JWTG helps too.

Triceratops Gen 2
There are plenty of ceratopsians that aren’t in the game yet. I ultimately went with Torosaurus though. It may be controversial (since some consider it to be a growth stage of Triceratops), but again, that doesn’t matter here. It is still the closest known relative of Triceratops, and is present in Jurassic World: Evolution. Other options could be other (relatively) famous ceratopsians like Styracosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Pentaceratops, or Centrosaurus.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2
There are plenty of unrepresented Theropods (like Giganotosaurus), but for this one I wanted to go with a close relative of T Rex. And the most famous one left is definitely Albertosaurus. It isn’t in JWTG, but it was in Operation Genesis (which unfortunately I never played, but I was a ZT2 guy). Another option that could work is Yutyrannus, which is in JWTG.

So there’s the list. Hopefully I’ve demonstrated that there were interesting options for at least most of the Gen 2’s in the game. The Spinosauridae still need some work though :sweat_smile:.

What do you guys think? Do Gen 2s bother you at all? And do you agree with my replacements? Which creatures would you replace the existing Gen 2s with?


How dare you say my beloved Indominus Rex Gen 2 and Baryonyx Gen 2 shouldn’t exist for which I would never have my beloved Indoraptor Gen 2, Spinonyx and I like Indominus Rex Gen 2 anyway. Just for the fact that it would take away hybrids I like I can’t back this one.

I like the diversity. Gen 2 means not everyone using the same exact thing, but variants of the same thing.


LOL if you actually read the intro, you’ll see that I don’t actually want to change anything, it’s just a thought experiment. These changes would be waaaaay too messy to actually implement. And it doesn’t bother me that much, the title is mostly clickbait tbh :sweat_smile: There’s a reason this is in “general discussion” and not “suggestions”. Plus I didn’t suggest changing Indominus Rex Gen 2 or Indoraptor Gen 2 anyway.

I also like diversity. Wouldn’t using an entirely different dinosaur be more diverse then using a different color of the same one?


felt like this was a direct response to my Return to Jurassic Park update proposal… :sleepy:


I’m sorry man. I will admit that it got me thinking about it, but I don’t want to discourage you. These could never happen anyway, it’s just my preference. To each their own.


I was just playing w ya, haha, no hurt feelings…

But on a more serious note, I do personally like the entire concept behind the Gen2s. Without Rex and Rex Gen2 there could only exist 2 Rex hybrids as opposed to the 4 we have now. Having multiple of a creature opens up new opportunities for hybrid ideas that otherwise would put too much pressure on the DNA of one specific dino.

With that being said, it would be cool to see some new, obscure creatures. Top of my list right now is Zhuchengtyrannus.


I love gen 2 it’s like a good boost
Allo gen 1 he is a common and not usable
Allo gen 2 he is a epic and usable

It’s like how people boost common creatures to op stats

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No worries! I do like how they allow more hybrids of the same dinos (like having 4 T Rex hybrids, not even counting superhybrids). That’s actually a really good point. I just want them to explore more of what the past has to offer.

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I like that too, I see nothing wrong with the stats or moves. I just kind of wish more dinos had representation instead. Everyone always talks about how they want them to add more dinos to the game, and with these changes we would have had 18 more different species in the game right now, 12 of which would be dinosaurs (with only two Cenozoics).

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Yeah, but you still said it. You should always say what you mean. You should reword it. Either way you are still essentially changing something that exists the way it is and that feels wrong.

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Probably the most annoying thing they have done imo

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@Mudkipz didn’t actually say they disagree with the title. There’s a difference between preferring an alternate course of events and wanting to correct the current one to fit that alternate course.

Nothing is changing. In an alternate reality where Gen 2s were their own creatures, you’d be used to that. Peeking into that reality changes neither that one nor ours.

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Change starts with a thought and suggestion then talking then before you know it it’s set in motion.

I think you’re going to rob a bank soon.

Please don’t flag this, I’m clearly joking

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See, now I have to log out and go shopping for the perfect ski mask… why you do this to me?


Good strategy the one of using models, could you check out my wishlist thread of creatures from Jurassic Park Builder and Jurassic World The Game?

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I think part of it has to do with the fact that in the movies/ books, they made “Gen 2” dinosaurs also.

Take the Spino from JP3 for example.
If I remember correctly, it was a Gen 2 because their original Spino wasn’t aggressive enough for Engins liking, so they made the one we see in the movie that is, as we saw, extremely aggressive.

I think they were thinking along the same lines for this game. :woman_shrugging:

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I always took it as each “gen” represents the various different reconstructions (however slight they might be in some cases) that each species has gone through as newly discovered specimens and advances in technology allowing us insight into their phylogeny refines and changes our understanding of these creatures.

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For titanoboa gen 2 use sanajeh


I would just add them to the game. Gen’s are a very good idea because they can different variants of popular dinos after they have added all the popular dinos. We’re not at that point yet which is why your upset but when all the popular dinos are used up, people will want to see gen 2’s and gen 3’s instead of new boring one’s unless the new ones bring a cool new concept. The gen 2’s shoudl only br used on popular dinos tho.

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