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Gen 3 Dinosaurs

As we all know there are multiple dinosaurs from different generations that are based off the movies. So what if Ludia included gen 3 dinosaurs into the game. For starters one dinosaur that I would be love to see is dilophosaurus in an adult version. There many other dinosaurs that could be added, for example the raptors from JP 3, the green t.rex and a few others.

I’m not so keen on Gen 2’s when we could have new dinosaurs, so I’d rather we didn’t do Gen 3’s.

Instead of that, why not skins (JP 3 version for example) that could bought in store?


Some people will think it a new Dino :rofl:
But it a few people

I say yes in order to see more realistic dinosaurs like a thin carnotaurus but with speed skills, a Dilophosaurus with distraction and ability to destroy armor or a Triceratops with spines, in addition to this little friend

I may not beat a tyrannosaurus in the game but it would undoubtedly be the nightmare of the velociraptors and even the indoraptor

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Skins, Ludia! Skins! When?


So you want a normal and fair way to make money?

Nah, that’s banned here


There’s over 700 dinosaur species currently known. I’d rather have any number of them as opposed to another t rex or velo.

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Well those were ideas that are based off the movies, not saying it has to be those. They could also be more realistic versions of the dinosaurs we currently have