GEN 3 Fusions?


So I had an idea of how to get some of our weaker favorites up to high tier usability!
Create a GEN 3 by fusing a GEN 1 and 2 of the same creature. That way we don’t have the game flooded with more hybrids than dinos but still giving their DNA a purpose to collect.
There could be an Epic Trike, Dilo, Purrusaurus, and Diplo
There could be a legendary Koolasuchus, Erlikosaurus, Rex(if there are more than 2 slots), Spino, and Bary
I think this would be the only feasible way to have super powered real dinosaurs in high arenas. That way we could have Dino’s on par with the holographic legendaries/VIP dinos of JW:TG
Plus they could have super cool new color schemes


I for one like this idea.


it’s a good idea GEN 1 + GEN 2 = GEN 3


And sometimes this copy of a copy of a copy would miss or attack himself🤓


Interesting idea :slight_smile: although we might need a fix to battle incubators and ways to get more DNA/coins because some of those already have hybrids lol but nevermind that, since these subjects are being talked about on many threads… point is, your idea is good. :slight_smile: