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Gen 3 idea

What if we could fuse (non hybrid cretures only) gen 1 and gen 2 variant of something to create gen 3 of that creature.

For example: Dimetrodon + Dimetrodon gen 2 = Dimetrodon gen 3 (epic)

What do you think?


Baryonyx comes to mind as well. Could be a neat way to go about getting new creatures and for Ludia to introduce gen 2/3 to a lot of dinos… if they don’t screw it up like boosts did.


No, gen2 is already enought of the same dino with just a diferent skin then original
It just takes the place of a new dino adding nothing new to the game


Nah, I’d rather have gen 2 for remaining critters (especially kaprosuchus) or just skins.


Not interested in gen 3 :unamused: sounds pretty boring. We need new dinos

hey !!!, that was my idea … but if you manage to implement it, keep the credit.

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