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Gen2 Fury: Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2

What are the restrictions for each battle level?

Keith just posted this chart:

If I need a level 40 Kentrosaurus or Eryops…I have no chance.

Also, what do you think of this new Trexy?!

Nice, but not much stronger than the original. For battles three and four ‘only’ level 30s are required.

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Actually you can use a level 10 Scaphognathus

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So cool so cool!!!

@Andy_wan_kenobi that’s good to know!

I saw this and figured that I needed a level 40

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There’s a battle madness finally ludia u did something to impress me and I am usually people who are a party pooper even when spino killed killed in j Park 3 I was not that impressed but now I am impressed

But I am not going to get it as I don’t have a scap level 40 :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Now the big question is how much it cost

You can use a level 10 Scaphognathus

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Really I have that

But it says Lev 40

Oh wait never mind I don’t even have kendrewsaur NIR eyrops

Cool. More health and less attack than gen 1 TRex. Now the wait for unlock…

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Any update on what level dino you need for the 3rd and 4th battles?

Yay Potato!!! Congrats.

level 20 kentrosaurus and eyrops worked for me

Hi all, I have spoken to the devs and they have informed me that depending on your park level the requirements changed. Here is a quick table to help level%20requirements


Thanks @Keith.

I have to tap out. I have no way of getting 2 Kent!
I tried getting 2 of those packs with my dinobucks. I got two aerotitans. :exploding_head:


Thanks Keith. At Level 80, that’s too many DBs for me😊 Might of gotten there if we had some indication of what we would need.

Hopefully not completing this event or not having the new TRex doesn’t keep you from other events in the future.

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Wow, way to go Ludia on not being at ALL upfront on what the requirements for this ‘special’ event would be. Seems anyone with a maxed park got screwed unless they have been playing long enough to have these creatures already at these levels.

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