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Gen2 Fury: Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2

@Trexy @Mary_Jo and everyone else thanks to all your feedback, the team has lowered the requirements, you should now only need your 4 dinosaurs to be level 10 to enter no matter what your current level is.

@hmjnewman and @blazerguy you will have other chances to get more copies of the gen 2 T.rex in the future.

Thank you all


Glad for the change, because with all the lead-up, the dino already is a bit of a disappointment, not having an unlock yet another, but making it so hard for the majority of players to even GET it, without spending lots of DBs, just really looked bad. Getting through the opponents I had with some of these at lvl 10 was certainly no easy matter, so it hardly is a ‘gimmee’ having to do these with whatever level they are currently at.

And then we get a rules tournament too with no advance information. Sigh.

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I don’t have Kentro so k can’t compete it

Same don’t worry

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@jorge, add indominus gen 2!

They will have it don’t worry maybe even indoraptor gen 2

Okay! @Carnoraptor.troodon

Went up against a level 13 Gen2 T-rex in the Secodontosaurus tourney. I didn’t get a great screenshot, but here’s what I was able to capture if you’re curious what it looks like above level 10.

Edit: Met her again in the Seco tourney and grabbed a few more screenshots (this time she was level 18):


Lol, I ran up against an 11 from a sketchy looking dude.

Also found a good temporary spot for mine.


Sweet set-up.

I know this is a very long shot, but it’d be neat if this T-Rex Gen2 were somehow a tie-in to Jurassic World 3 next year.

Nice set up. To h3ll with coin production. :clap::sunglasses:


Ha. It has identical stats coin wise to gen 1 TRex. So, a lonesome level 10 by itself is more a decoration at this point.

Maybe soon we will get more of isla Sorna opened up. I’d like to make an actual park vs just having a massive coin factory.


For anyone interested, here is the Indom gen 2 from Jurassic world alive
They could do something similar

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Final evolution Rex Gen 2:

Happy Halloween to all!


@Ned make indoraptor gen 2

I’m not qualified to splice dino genes together, but I’ll bring it up to our team at the lab! @anon21852927. :slight_smile:


Can someone tell me the incubation time of T. Rex Gen 2.
Thank you

I don’t remember exactly but it was a couple days. It might be the same as the normal T rex.

Oh thank you @ned

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