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Gender differentiation

How does the game differentiate whether your character is male or female? A lot of exchange has been relatively gender neutral but as you get into dating it seems a little more specific. Just got done with first date with Taylor through Marco and a lot of his responses felt like he was talking as if my character is female. Just not sure how it works. Is same sex dating an option? Or is it just that a male match treats your character like a female and a female match treats your character like a male. Would love any explanation on the matter. Thank you.

I’m not really sure about that but I have thought about it

In my conversation with Charlie Nyygard the question came up “top or bottom?” So either there’s some inconsistencies with certain character or it’s specific to certain characters that aren’t directly specified.

From my experience playing, it seems like they’ve intentionally made everything gender-neutral so that anyone can match with any character, and it won’t hinder the stories. :smiley:

The dialogue will be the same whether you are chatting with a male or female character.

It looks like the new character releases each have a male and female counterpart and there’s lot of gender neutral pronouns used in conversation.

It does seem like every MC is written from a feminine pov, I agree. That’s obviously not a problem for me but I do wonder how male players feel about their chat options.

When reading Seth, Damien and Skylar among the other guys it does feel like the mc is female. On the other hand when reading the female characters the mc is male at least that’s how I feel

Well like I said, in my date with Taylor he talked a lot about Sally and responses and such felt more female focused. But with Charlie some of his definitely felt more like a male to male convo.