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Gender selection and hiding unwanted profiles

Hi All,

the game is fun, but it would be way more with the following features:

  1. Being able to specify gender preferences in the profile

  2. Only receive suggestions of profiles that havent been rejected earlier (Im still getting profiles that I have declined a thousand times…)

Hope you will implement these suggestions one day :wink:


I would also like to set a gender preference even if I do swipe right on some guys, but for the people who definitely don’t want one gender.

I’d also like to be able to not see characters who I definitely have no interest in perhaps by marking their profile as such, though there are some I swipe left on due to being undecided then swipe right later. So there would need to be a way to pick between not wanting to see a profile anymore and throwing them back into the shuffle for later if such a thing were to be implemented.

If I match with a character though I’d like to not see their counterpart more than once until I unmatch with the character I’m currently matched with. But both those things may be asking for too complex of additions.

Mostly I’d like to see a more balanced system of cost vs reward with gems, a gender preference for those who have that, and some way of knowing who will have content added to their stories and when. Though I understand not knowing when people may come back is also part of the appeal and emulation of real life. But if it’s going to be more than a couple weeks some sort of notice would be nice.


would be good if they wore to do these things,can only hope it comes some time soon🤞🏻

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I was looking for a suggestions post to start a nice convo/debate! I feel like there are a few things most of us seem to agree on that could use a little “pressure” so it gets studied and hopefully implented in a mid-term, let’s get started!

As for me, I have to insist on the Gender selection, I understand that right now with so few female characters it’s not really that important, I would just be swipping between future available profiles, but maybe in the future when more of them are available, I would love to have that option.

About YOUR character:

  • I’m really missing MYSELF, I mean lol, I would really like that you could personalize yourself as an in game character let me chose between some general options as in 3-4 face types, 3-4 hair styles and so on instead of just being a colored shadow.

  • This also applies to having a something similar to a profile, maybe with closed options such as having to chose between “do you prefer going out or staying home” “are you adventurous/”…etc. So maybe your matches can react and start conversations noticing those.

  • I mean, it kind of annoys me that every match starts with “OMG I love your profile” when all I say is “hey, I’m a purple capricorn”. Perhaps the horoscope option should play along at some point too, I mean, why have it otherwise? I could use some “I bet you don’t stop until you get what you want, since you’re a capricorn” or “look at the drama queen, cancer girl!”. I’m all in for some of those!

  • Related to that I WOULD LOVE that you could send pictures of your character too, I think that would add a lot to the chats with your matches. I mean, if at some point they implement the “characterization” it would be nice that you could choose between some selfie poses such as “flirty” “here having a tea” “blink” “sexy” and the matches react to that picture option.

Some other random thoughts I’ve had…

  • Now that the inbox is here, and I’m guessing it will be just for developers messages like “There’s a new update” or “here, have some gems” I think it could also be used for some of the characters to send you messages without starting a conversation. I would love to have a little “hey I saw you were offline but wanting to say good morning” message from some special ANGEL lol. This could also be used when some characters go “offline” for a while but are not like in the war or anything, maybe a little “hey, the connection sucks where I am but I’m thinking of you, hope we can talk soon”.

  • I also feel the need to let some of my LI know that I’m thinking of them, so maybe being able to send like a daily “inbox” message to them saying “I miss you” or “thinking of you”, that could also be a good way to implement the amount of gems you can get, because I think we all agree that 15/18 every 6h isn’t enough.

I think that’s all I have on my mind right now :joy: Let me know what you think, if you agree or disagree and add some suggestions! Maybe we get lucky and some of those get implemented one day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


happen to think there all good idea’s☺️


Yes. I totally agree with this. There needs to be genders available to pick from also let us make a actual avatar picture.

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