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Gender selection and hiding unwanted profiles

Hi All,

the game is fun, but it would be way more with the following features:

  1. Being able to specify gender preferences in the profile

  2. Only receive suggestions of profiles that havent been rejected earlier (Im still getting profiles that I have declined a thousand times…)

Hope you will implement these suggestions one day :wink:


I would also like to set a gender preference even if I do swipe right on some guys, but for the people who definitely don’t want one gender.

I’d also like to be able to not see characters who I definitely have no interest in perhaps by marking their profile as such, though there are some I swipe left on due to being undecided then swipe right later. So there would need to be a way to pick between not wanting to see a profile anymore and throwing them back into the shuffle for later if such a thing were to be implemented.

If I match with a character though I’d like to not see their counterpart more than once until I unmatch with the character I’m currently matched with. But both those things may be asking for too complex of additions.

Mostly I’d like to see a more balanced system of cost vs reward with gems, a gender preference for those who have that, and some way of knowing who will have content added to their stories and when. Though I understand not knowing when people may come back is also part of the appeal and emulation of real life. But if it’s going to be more than a couple weeks some sort of notice would be nice.


would be good if they wore to do these things,can only hope it comes some time soon🤞🏻

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I was looking for a suggestions post to start a nice convo/debate! I feel like there are a few things most of us seem to agree on that could use a little “pressure” so it gets studied and hopefully implented in a mid-term, let’s get started!

As for me, I have to insist on the Gender selection, I understand that right now with so few female characters it’s not really that important, I would just be swipping between future available profiles, but maybe in the future when more of them are available, I would love to have that option.

About YOUR character:

  • I’m really missing MYSELF, I mean lol, I would really like that you could personalize yourself as an in game character let me chose between some general options as in 3-4 face types, 3-4 hair styles and so on instead of just being a colored shadow.

  • This also applies to having a something similar to a profile, maybe with closed options such as having to chose between “do you prefer going out or staying home” “are you adventurous/”…etc. So maybe your matches can react and start conversations noticing those.

  • I mean, it kind of annoys me that every match starts with “OMG I love your profile” when all I say is “hey, I’m a purple capricorn”. Perhaps the horoscope option should play along at some point too, I mean, why have it otherwise? I could use some “I bet you don’t stop until you get what you want, since you’re a capricorn” or “look at the drama queen, cancer girl!”. I’m all in for some of those!

  • Related to that I WOULD LOVE that you could send pictures of your character too, I think that would add a lot to the chats with your matches. I mean, if at some point they implement the “characterization” it would be nice that you could choose between some selfie poses such as “flirty” “here having a tea” “blink” “sexy” and the matches react to that picture option.

Some other random thoughts I’ve had…

  • Now that the inbox is here, and I’m guessing it will be just for developers messages like “There’s a new update” or “here, have some gems” I think it could also be used for some of the characters to send you messages without starting a conversation. I would love to have a little “hey I saw you were offline but wanting to say good morning” message from some special ANGEL lol. This could also be used when some characters go “offline” for a while but are not like in the war or anything, maybe a little “hey, the connection sucks where I am but I’m thinking of you, hope we can talk soon”.

  • I also feel the need to let some of my LI know that I’m thinking of them, so maybe being able to send like a daily “inbox” message to them saying “I miss you” or “thinking of you”, that could also be a good way to implement the amount of gems you can get, because I think we all agree that 15/18 every 6h isn’t enough.

I think that’s all I have on my mind right now :joy: Let me know what you think, if you agree or disagree and add some suggestions! Maybe we get lucky and some of those get implemented one day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


happen to think there all good idea’s☺️


Yes. I totally agree with this. There needs to be genders available to pick from also let us make a actual avatar picture.

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I left exactly this issue in my Google play review. It’s the biggest thing I don’t like about this game. I’m real dating apps you can choose what gender you’re looking for, or not. I’ll get on in first thing in the morning when all matches are reset. Only to find that every profile I swipe on is a guy. So I just swiped left on all these dudes that I have no interest in. And wasted all my swipes. Now I gotta wait however many hours again. Since I’m waiting on the girls I did match with to come back, there’s nothing to do on this game. Three 3 girls I have available right now I’m stuck on because the only viable responses to them (that aren’t completely rude) costs gems. Which I can’t afford right now. So I log in to collect gems and swipe left on guys… Cool.

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