General feedback after the big update


It’s been a while since the big update, and after playing for a while (I’m a level 11 player as of now, lost somewhere in the upper half of Sorna marshes), I thought it was time to provide feedback on the changes (provided that someone from Ludia follows these threads, it might actually be helpful)

  • dino distribution this is what worries me the most. I invested two months of my gaming life developing specific engines aimed at creating specific dinos knowing what I had available around. After the update, a lot of “commons” became rarer than “rare” (and in some cases, than epics): I’m almost unable to find Euplocephalus, Parasaurolophus, Suchomimus, Sarcosuchus, and on the other hand now there’s plenty of Gen 2 Triceratops, or Diplocaulus, and so on. This made infusing DNA according to what planned almost impossible: only today I found 4 Amargasauri, and 1 Euplocephalus. Considering that to infuse the hybrid I need 50 DNA from Amargasaurus per 200 DNA from Euplocephalus, it means I’m stuck (for the record, my Amargasaurus has 1130 DNA to invest, so, it’s 22 infusions on an Epic that does nothing but wait for the “common” dino to appear). I’m not saying that all common dinos around the globe should have the same distribution: it’s fine that some are more common than others, but at least a “common” dino should always be easier to find than a “rare”. Also, the fact that distribution spectrum was changed resulted in my team being more or less stuck where it was: I improved because I managed to infuse to Legendaries, and so the team overall improved, but having the Eniasuchus level up, well, it’s proving a herculean task

  • strike events: these are fun, and interesting, but it would be nice if we had different type of strike events, so that all level of players could have fun (and interesting rewards). So far I took part into 4 strike events, I won all of them with I think only one dino being defeated (so, no match losses, just a casualty): I’m 100% in having such strike events because players who just got into the game or are around level 5-6 will have a certain degree of challenge, but for players who are more advanced with a team, it’d be nice to have something more spicy available

  • achievements: these need a better balancing (reward for 100 creatures in your collection is 100 dino dollars, while reward to have I don’t remember how many direct hits was 50 dollars, or so: these two goals are so wildely different in difficulty that 50 dollars difference ain’t proper), and we need higher-level achievements: at the moment I’m at 30 accomplished out of 31, and I’m sure other players around my level (or above) are in the same situation. Enter some higher-level rewards very difficult to achieve (like 50 dinos at level 16 for example giving you 1000 dino dollars) or so, so that the challenge can go on and on well after the initial challenge level

  • dinos of the week: these are fun, and the distribution of several different dinos over the same time period (3x for common, and so on) allowing for an integral number of attempts at them is a very good call: if a day you’re too busy to hunt, you can go the next one, and follow on what you need. Nothing to change here, it’s very good to me

  • VIP and bonuses: please enter a free incubator with the VIP renewal. It doesn’t mean epic 24 hours, but at least a rare / 12 hours for free would be a nice gesture. Otherwise paying 10 dollars to have extended battery and a bit more range doesn’t really seems interesting, especially considering point a) of my feedback, i.e. problematic distribution of the dinos

Thanks everyone for reading through these thoughts :slight_smile:

Happy hunting


i wanted to criticize, but i agree. For the most part the changes are great, what you get for VIP though is laughable


Agreed, all dinos must be global spawn for more fun, im sick of driving milles to my intetest area in that moment for days, only to try to find a specific dino who dont appear a lot cause spawn rate in this game is really bad, imposible game to play 100% walking whitout drive, unlike anothers ar games where you have tons of thing to do only walking, whitout wasting fuel and get a police sanction for use the mobile driving.

Vip isnt worth right now, and more when all epics scaping now whit 3,4 seconds left… I get so salty for that sometimes. I only renew it cause im lazy to cancel and 10 euros isnt ao much, but he need a revamp for sure


Agree with your first bullet point. I use to dart the commons Nundasuchus and Einosaurus to fuse into Einiasuchus. They were easy to find commons. For the last few weeks they are very scarce for being commons. Why doesn’t Ludia have plenty of commons in the parks where they have the event dinos so we have something to do besides darting a few event dinos then leaving?

The VIP has become MEH. For $120 per year they could easily add some good stuff to VIP. Up the max # of darts to 200 or give mega darts that drop 3 at once. And why only get the epic incubator once when you sign up and never again? How about every other month get a epic incubator? Instead they removed things from the VIP and didn’t inform those who are paying for VIP. meh.


Even if they wanted to give optional skins to VIP members that way it wouldn’t give them as big of an advantage but would still offer something more.