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General Ideas for 1.7


I would like to hear your ideas about the future update 1.7, my ideas:

  • Trade Dna
  • In dinosaur events, I would like to use all my darts in a certain number of creatures that I select, for example: there are 36 commons dinos, velociraptoor, tarbosaurus and allosaurus, when I click the creature I would like to select the amount of velociraptor that I’m going to catch, I want 8 velociraptor okay go to dart! now each shot is multiplied by x8 to avoid having to search for 8 different velociraptors and save time and you have 28 turns to dart allo and tarbo
  • obviusly a balance in the arenas, buff some unique dinos,nerf draco and of course apatosaurus v: xd
  • Leader of a clan can see which users are more active and how much DNA they donate?
  • Exclusive dinos now are in the wild (Irritator, gallimimus, arambourgiania, stygymoloch, etc.)

The only thing I want on 1.7 is Apatosaurus nerfs. That’s it. 1.7 could be exactly like 1.6, I’d just want Apatosaurus nerfs.


I only want the ability to nickname my dinosaurs and hybrids in the game


This would be supreme.

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I would like the opportunity to communicate between the leaders of the alliances and that the battles were based on the level of the player and not on the trophies


What about level of the dinosaurs?


i just hope they make this game something most of the user base still want to keep playing


Stygimoloch Gen 2 is still overpowered. Nerf it now

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I can’t tell if any of this is serious.

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So if I get 100 DNA I get 800?
Every time you shoot the dinos, you get a different amount of DNA. That could be easily abused.


The real dinosaur that needs a nerf is Triceratops. It does more damage than apatosaurus! It has 90% armor and its health is insane! We need a triceratops nerf!


I predict new bugs, new main feature that will go down in few days, new useless dino that won’t change meta, even more disbalanced creature (unique from DC that will bite twice) and the same old bugs that nobody fixes.
Can’t wait to see it all come true in 1.7 :grin:


Lol no velo needs a nerf from 1300 damage to 10


I keep hearing peeps bringing up apato for some reason. All i can conclude is that this is an inside joke that I dont get.

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You mean
Swap in Defense shattering Rampage…
AND Defense Shattering Rampage & Run?? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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You mean Cleansing Defense Shattering Rampage and Run… :wink:


Give Apatosaurus swap in rampage to go with its most OP health in the game. Lydia’s secret weapon


nope now you have 28 attempts to catch others dinos and you save time, consider this bro now ludia has ruined the events, now we only have 1 day for the common, worth it?¡


My ideas for 1.7 would something like…

Fix combat animations - They are still lagging behind the real time actions a full second and it looks bad.

Fix guild panel UI bugs - Half the time I go to scroll up to donate DNA my UI starts rubberbanding to hades and back again. This is still happening because they haven’t seperated the chat tab with the donations tab.

Fix DNA requests from non guildies - Still an issue all these months later.

Do something about fusing - Some creatures require investing waaaayyyy too much time sitting there, mind numbingly tapping the same button over and over to create/level up. This oddly does not reflect the innitial amount of DNA you have, or even the RNG of the fuses themselves.

Fix PvP Matchmaking - This is/has been, so completely broken that I don’t even know where to start on this topic.

Add more daily PvE activities - The game was sorely lacking in PvE activities BEFORE these recent nerfs,…um, I mean Changes. If Ludia follows their intended/announced path, I fear the game might not be able to recover from its foreseeable decline.

Do something with the other hundred dinos in the dinodex. - The cut and paste arena teams we all have are just boring.

Stop cramming tournements down our throats - They
Last too long, and appear too often to make them a special event kind of thing. Obviously the playerbase is overwhelmingly “meh…” at this point for these anyway.

Fix strike bases eating dinos - This is still happening a lot, despite whatever “fix” they added 6 months ago or whenever.

Fix SIA DSR - 1x dmg for the move itself. This would leave the priority clense/heal on DracoceraRat to still make it viable.

Add more supply drops, SE drops, tower locations - The game is barren in some areas making game progress much harder, or impossible.

Add alliance tools - Sorely needed.

I could go on and on here, but I guess what I am trying to say is that I don’t really care what new dinos we can fuse next patch. All I want to see from 1.7 is some MAJOR bug fixes, game improvements, and PvE activities.

I might be asking too much, but I can dream :blush::wink:


dadjoke :wink: