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Hey everyone! I’ve been on the forum for a few weeks now and have noticed a lot of people have the same questions that keep being answered over and over again. To help out, I thought I’d gather all the questions here so everyone can find the answers. Feel free to add more Q&As as needed. (I am not connected to Lovelink as anything more than a player, just trying to help).

Q: Why are there so many characters I can’t match with?
A: Most characters on LoveLink haven’t had their stories developed yet to the point where they are playable. Continue swiping on them as updates and additions are made, and you’ll match with them soon.

Q: Why do some characters seem to have the similar profiles, routes, and art?
A: There is no real answer to this question, so I’m going to offer a guess - this app allows you to find men, women, and non-binary (just 1 I’ve seen, but I’m sure there will be more) people. By creating multiple profiles with the same storyline, people have the chance to get a storyline they’re interested in and a character that they can find attracted.

Q: If I want to match with a duplicate of a profile, can I?
A: No. You’re able to unmatch with any profile you want and then reconnect with them later, picking up at the same point you stopped. However, short of resetting your account (which is not recommended at this time), you cannot unmatch with one profile and match with their duplicate.

Q: What does it mean when a character is going to be ‘offline for a while’?
A: You’ve reached the end of the story they have available, and will have to wait until they develop the next chapter to the story.

Q: What does it mean if I get a notification saying I’m going to be unmatched, while a character is on a long break?
A: This is a bug that the support team is aware of. If they do unmatch, you will have the chance to match with them again later and pick up where you left off.

Q: What do the emojis beside a character’s name mean?
A: It basically indicates a relationship status based on your Love Meter. When you fill up the bar twice, you’ll get a new relationship status and usually a picture of some kind!

Q: Do you have a 100% chance of matching with everyone?
A: If they are available to match with, yes. They’ll match with you the first time you swipe. If you’ve already swiped on their counterpart or they’re not coded into the game yet, no.

Q: Who are the counterparts and what are their story arcs?
Female Matches

  • Jasmin Medina / Kayla Summers - Model
  • Sage Foster / Vitoria Voznesensky - Werewolf
  • Grace Kim / Clementine Hill - Bookworm
  • Angel Reed / Emmalyn Roberts - Veterinarian
  • Eve Rockwood / Alice Martin - Vacationer
  • Aesha Nora / Samantha Clark - Streamer

Male Matches

  • Raphael Becker / Wyatt Moore - Camping Mystery
  • Albery Bishop / Jonathan Hayes - Soldier
  • Skylar Quin / Jaden Bower - Rebel
  • Jamie Grant / Seth Evans - Hacker
  • Min-Jae Lee / Liam Park - Idol
  • William Crome / Julie Alexandre - Vampire
  • Austin Russo / Damien Jones - Prisoner
  • Zayn Kassab / Jake Gonzales - Director
  • Noah Cruz / Antoine Dawson - Dog Sledder
  • Marco Bottazzi / Hugo Hornsby - Matchmaker
  • Michael Evans / Sam Knight - Sports
  • Dominic Wright / Adam Johnson - Photographer
  • Daniel Anderson / Ryan Byrne - Scientist
  • Oliver Black / Stefan Silver - High-powered executive

Q: What profiles aren’t available yet?
A: The people you can’t match with yet are: Ana Samarine, Ash Evans, Blake Bailey, Brett O’Hara, Cain Angelus, Charlie Nyygard, Chase Harding, Dr. Vile, Eve Van Dyke, Fei Wu, Felicia Fatale, Franz Jorgensen, Gabe Scott, Garrett Brown, Ian Spier, João Becker, Kelsey Madison, Kev Miller, Kevin Legros, Matteo Heinrich, Milena Sarafian, Nicholas Adley, Nico DeLuca, Pamela Riley, Patrick Darcisse, Queen B, Robert Perreault, Rory O’Brien, Rose Monroe, Roy Fennel, Ruby Thomas, Sheng Zhao, Skye Oakley, Tiros Ironpetal, Tomas Antol, and Kelsey Madison.

Q: Can I still interact with their profiles even if they aren’t available?
A: You will still be able to see and swipe on their profiles, but they will not match with you until the game is updated with their storylines. Swiping on a character who isn’t out yet will not affect your matches with any of the existing characters.

Q: What should I spend my gems on?
A: Gems can be spent on 4 things: viewing more profiles (100-300 gems), unlocking character CGs (300 gems per photo), unlocking certain chat/date options (100-200 gems), and sending certain emojis as you progress in the game (20-50 gems per emoji). Spending gems to unlock more matches is really a waste at this point because so many characters aren’t available yet.

Q: Where can I connect with Lovelink and other players?
A: This forum is a great place. They also have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a fan-made subreddit that’s pretty active too.


We have a very active Facebook group for the game also! :two_hearts:Lovelink Interactive Game :two_hearts: is the name, just answer the questions to be accepted. I’m the admin :grinning:

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Re- profiles that aren’t available yet…

The males below are matchable if you are new to playing, but as all of these are now greyed on my list it just means no new story content is available as yet.

Blake Bailey…
Garrett Brown
Tiros Darkmane
Thomas Antol