General Query: when did you start JWA & what arena are you on?


June - Jurassic Ruins (4100-4200 trophies)


June @ global launch - Sorna Marshes (3100-3200 trophies)


I believe it was late June that I started playing. I’m currently on Lockdown (2600-2700 trophies)


18 June. Battle thingys currently 4177 Jurassic Ruins


26 June, Jurassic Ruins 4100-4500


I think I started playing in late June. Sorna Marshes, generally 3300-3400.


Late June during the Indoraptor/Blue Raptor Park Event. Had no clue it was 1 try in total!
Scored 4 DNA on Indoraptor :smile:

Currently in Jurassic Ruins 4300 - 4550


Week or two into July?

I’m in Jurassic Ruins 4250 < 4450


June >>> 4000-4200 >>> Jurassic Ruins


June as soon as it was released in US Jurassic Ruins 4100-4200


Early May and arena 8.


On US launch, 4050 trophies.


Late June or early July. Level 10. Between 2900 and 3200 trophies (between arenas 6 and 7).

Dinosaur collection: all commons, all rares, all but five epics, no legendary and no unique.


31st of May

have played houuuuuurs every single day since.
Level 11 & 2/3rds
No Indominus still, but hopefully that will change this weekend as only 43 T-Rex DNA away!
A very shameful 2687 trophies currently. Shameful only as in my team should do better against often quite lower level dino opponent teams we play, but my tactics let them down.
Have been up to 3400s but dropped heavily in past 2 weeks :woman_shrugging:t3:


Late June level 14 and from 3700 down to 3546 now stop battle waiting for the gift. Spent around USD500 for level up incubators and VIP.:joy:


As soon as it came out in June. Technically reached Sorna Marshes, but dropped back down to build on coins and dna.


March 16,2018 is when I started when I watched the video from a youtuber about it being available on IOS. I sit in Jurassic Ruins, been world number one many times with the other boys/girls at 5000 and finally another Canadian the Famous Pocemon from Metahub.


I started about a month ago because ever since I was four years old I had a love for dinosaurs. After about 2 weeks in I started showing my girlfriend all the dinosaurs I have been getting, and now she plays too. Me and her also constantly battle each other after I helped her learn the battle system. Might I add it was a big mistake. She beats me 90% of the time in the friendly battles. We even make it interesting by putting silly stakes on the line. It makes things so much more interesting.


June 20, sorna marshes. ~3500 (+/- 200) medals


Day after launch. In the bad lands for the mono dna