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Feel free to leave any questions you have here and maybe the rest of the community or even a moderator may have the answer for you.

I myself have a question, does anyone know if it gets harder and harder to match with people the more matches you already have? When I first started it was relatively easy to but now I have ten or more I haven’t been matching with anyone I swiped for a few days. Thanks in advance!

Hey vincent, as you are matched with more people, it is normal to get fewer matches going forward. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key.




Does anyone know what it means when a character has set their profile to “taking a break”? Currently have 2 that have done this… haha


I’ve got one like this atm so also curious!


@Bianca87 @Sylvanas From what I know it means you’ve reached the end of their stories for now since this game is still being worked on. Basically, you’ll just have to wait until more is added. Hope I helped :slightly_smiling_face:


Anyone know if the zodiac signs have anything to do with who you can match with?

Is there a limit to the amount of matches you can have at a time?

@Yugare-Chan Apparently there isn’t, but some people are just really hard to match with and I don’t know why yet. I’ve been trying to figure it out though, and I asked a mod directly so we might have an answer soon.


Hey there, Yugare-Chan


Hi there, i cant seem to match with anyone else and all my matches have been taking a break for over a month now.

I think there are doubles of each character, just different appearances.

Hey Bianca87, I’m sorry you’re not having luck matching with that special someone :frowning:. Timing is everything and some characters might be feeling a bit shy on Lovelink. However, don’t give up on them just yet!

Our team is actively working on expanding the content available to you. :slight_smile:

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Hey, I was just wondering if characters such as vitoria were going to be given more elaboration or content after what I’m assuming is their ending or if that’s just the complete story that you guys have planned. I understand from a creative stand point if the writers feel as though that’s the appropriate ending for her but I feel heartbroken and I need moree!

Plsss make this game available on device xiaomi redmi 5a T_T

Question about the matches. My friend and I are both playing and we’ve realized some matches have the same dialogue but different names and pictures. (Alice Martin = Eve Rockwood, Jasmin Medina = Kayla Summers, Liam Park = Min Jae, and so on). Is there a specific reason for this? Will one or the other character profiles be taken out of the game later on?

@Geralddio_EN it seems more like this is intentional as it was present when Lovelink was still part of WYS?, so it’s down to personal preference between the two characters for you that share the same story.

I hope we get updates as to when new characters’s stories are added (still waiting to match with certain characters I can never match with), and others have been updated. I know they have a twitter so I hope they keep it updated.


One more question, but let’s say I spent diamonds on a picture for a match and then deleted the match. Can I rematch with that person and redo the story but my purchase is still there? Like I won’t have to spend diamonds on the same picture, will I?

@mcleo1 If you unmatched with someone then rematch with then later you resume the story where you left off. You’ll still have the photos you unlocked, but you aren’t restarting their story.

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Are the characters of the first match the only ones available? Because i try to matched with others (the ‘new’ matches) but nothing happened.!

A lot of the new ones don’t seem to have has their stories written yet so it’s not possible to match with them and not only you with the issue.

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