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This is directed towards the Ludia team.
To start, I want to thank you guys for the work you’ve put into this game. It has been a very enjoyable experience for me and the people I know. On our discord server, we’ve put a lot of work into making our gameplay even better. But there are some concerns we’ve gathered over the course of a few months. I wanted to address them here. I also encourage that whoever agrees with these points, please voice your support for it.

#1. Flock packs. Imagine working for months, trying to get all the dragons from their respective flock and then getting a rather unsatisfying reward. My recommendation, we don’t necessarily even need a new dragon from the flock pack. That would be rather unbalanced if you finished a flock pack and then got a new dragon to go towards another flock pack. But how about some greater rune rewards or resources instead?

#2. I’m sure you’re aware already, but ads are all over the place. With an update, one aspect is fixed but then another seems to fall short. It would be nice to at least get an idea of how the ad mechanics work. How many can we watch per day? When does the ad limit refresh?

#3. Daily deals and sales. I know there are people out there who decide they’ll spend $80 on a mobile game. Which I don’t personally understand but no matter. :slight_smile: You do you. But for those who don’t buy these deals, our screen is littered with 5 useless icons that even pushes the gauntlet icon out of view. I know that you keep track of who spends how much money, so maybe take that and also decrease the clutter if for example, a user doesn’t spend money on the game at all?

#4. Can we have a counter somewhere that shows how many dragons are currently out collecting resources? Some sort of… 4/9 type deal for example. Where 4 represents the dragons currently fishing, and 9 represents how many fishing slots you have.

#5. The gauntlet rewards are fine. I really appreciate the fact that we have so much more gauntlets now! It’s really fun! And I think the rewards are reasonable. However the spinning wheel UI really does not represent the values of the rewards well. The wheel appears littered with packs galore. Rather than getting hopes up maybe just fix the visual ratio of them? Or change the UI wheel altogether?

#6. A lot of us would appreciate better communication between Ludia’s Rise of Berk team and the players. It’s cute and all seeing “Spot the difference” on the Facebook page. But I think it would be a win win if instead we get an occasional post detailing current bugs, what you have planned, just general maintenance of the game. I honestly believe you’re going to get a lot less support tickets if you are generally more publicly verbal. It will also give us an indication that we’re being listened to and that you guys hear what we have to say.

#7. On the topic of support, I can understand you guys are probably absolutely smashed with tickets at the moment. CoVID and all isn’t helping either! And I hope you guys are staying safe. However we’ve found support response times are very much lacking. And as said before, if you guys are overwhelmed, say so! We are going to be 100x more understanding if you let us know what’s going on.

#8. And lastly… your hacker flagging system probably needs adjustment. It’s a little disheartening when my friend cannot get a fix for his game because he’s been “hacking”. What actually counts as a hack? Because there have been many bugs in the game before that could easily look like a hack (such as the notorious 24 million amber bug). What can we do to avoid being flagged as a hacker when we obviously aren’t hacking?
Also, if we WERE hacking, why would we contact support? If I was a hacker I’d just hack the items I wanted, why even bother with contacting you guys. Hackers have money at their fingertips. They don’t care if they’ve missed out on a Ludia given reward.

Anyway, this is a long post sorry but I wanted to address what’s been on our minds. Please consider what’s been written. I understand managing a seasonal game, especially during these times - is freaking hard. And thank you for your work. But there are a few things that need addressing.

Thank you and regards,


I agree with all of these ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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These all would be great additions. I hope we get an answer.

For me #4.would be the best addition, it’s so easy to forget counting the dragons gathering.

I’m one of the many got flagged mentioned at #8 because I got that 24M raw amber releasing a premium dragon because the developer missed a digit.

Keep up the good work Ludia and let us help to communicate with players over reddit or discord. The fan base is pretty decent now.


I got the 24M amber but didn’t get flagged oddly. I don’t contact Support too much I guess?

However, Jeb raises some good points. The flock pack rewards are kinda rubbish. The contact could be better. The AMA you did on the subreddit was fantastic. More things like that please.

If we get a counter maybe it could show by tapping on Gothi’s Hut? She’s the town elder and her house doesn’t serve a purpose beyond the Game Center reward for finding it. It would make some sense that she knows what’s going on with Berk from her high position.

Another game where I contact Support often recently amended their auto response to say it may take longer due to COVID. Maybe do the same too?

Anyways, hope you’re all staying safe!


I agree with what’s been said up above. I love and appreciate this game, but it’d be really nice if you guys could address at least some of this stuff. To anyone reading this, stay safe and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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You all put a lot of thought into this. Well done.

I agree with all the above statement. However, I would like to add another important concern in the game… The legendary dragons and collection.

I believe there are many players who already know it’s difficult to obtain the legendary dragon. But after obtaining a legendary dragon and sending it off to search for item, it comes back with the item we don’t need to complete our collection. Take my situation for example.

I’m currently missing a piece of item for my collection which can only be obtained from the bewildered beast. I’ve been trying for months but it constantly gives me items that are not required in any of my collection.

I highly suggest to add a key feature where players can select the item they need their legendary dragon to search.

If its too easy, perhaps legendary items can be separated into groups of 6 instead so players has 1/6 chance to obtain it instead of 1/(the amount of legendary items).

I hope all of the above and this mentioned concern will be brought to awareness to make this game even better for all players. Stay safe everyone.


Wow Gothi’s Hut is an excellent idea.


I agree with everything you said. Thanks for sharing it here.

Good points all around.

I’d like to add that it’s very disappointing to open a Premium pack, and not get a single rune card in the lot. It’s happened to me three times in a row this spring, it was infuriating. Less iron, more runes would be better.

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I agree 100% with all of these points. I would also like to add a few things.

Recently there has been a lot of changes in the game that go completely unannounced in update release notes. Card pack odds have changed, journey odds have changed, gauntlet spin rewards were changed, Johann’s Speed Sales were changed, the daily deals we can spend actual money on were changed, the ad system changed a half dozen time in the past month alone, etc. None of these were called out out in the release notes besides the ad system in the last release notes after it changed unannounced several times already. Even then it said nothing about what changed, just that availability depends on the region. I think all of us would rather read a few extra lines on the Release Notes than try to find out later what all was changed with no warning and no notice.

The ad system is terrible right now. Can’t we just take it back to how it was two months ago before all these changes? Right now it seems like Ludia doesn’t want us to watch ads. They must be worried we’ll go through the 90+ years of dragon training in the game too quickly.

Can we bring back the option to sell the decorations we buy in the seasonal market. Even if it’s only for a little bit of raw amber. I know we have a ton of room on Berk, but I feel hesitant about buying too many decorations because I’m stuck with filling up the island or wasting runes to stick them into the treasure hoard.

Another change I don’t understand is why take Gauntlet lives just for joining the battle? What was wrong with the system before? I feel like I’m being punished just for playing the game.

Is it possible to make the resources stacks in the mailbox just stack all together. If we have 20 stacks of wood in there, we have to keep swiping to the bottom to get amber or mystery pack from the gauntlet. It would be a very nice QoL change to put them all into one stack at the top and we can just take what we need from the big stack.

I’d also recommend setting the paid daily deals back to how they were last year. I haven’t had a halfway decent deal on my game since January. At this rate despite my desire to support the game, I doubt I’ll ever buy a deal again. A pack holding a couple hundred runes and a random exclusive shouldn’t be valued at twice a full priced premium pack. Or change the tiers you set players into based on how much money they have spent. Right now it punishes long term players. A player spending $50 a year for six years might pay twice as much for an item than a new player that spent $200 in the last month. Instead of making it based on total amount of money you’ve spent since you joined, average it out over the last few months. That will help identify the whales and dolphins while not punishing players who have slowly spent money over SIX years and are now in a tier where everything is too expensive for them to justify.

I do want to say thank you for some of the changes in the last few months in the game. I love the seasonal market, and I think it is well thought out and implemented into the game. Also I think reducing the dragon roost sizes was great. It allows us to get more room on the islands without there being a major overall, and most islands can be filled more efficiently now. And major thanks to whoever decided to allow login via Apple ID (I can’t stand Facebook). Also thank you for the increased frequency of gauntlet events. It is nice to have the smaller gauntlets pretty much constantly available.

I think this is a great game and I hope that it sticks around for a long while. If the developers ever need any help or want insight from players, a lot of the members of the community would love to help out whether it’s on here, Reddit, or Discord. Like Jeb said, more communication would be beneficial to everyone.


YMMV, of course, but I have far more resources than I can spend. My collector statue often tells me I have 3G fish. I can easily get that much in 12 hours, and wood is not far behind. I’ll always take runes, though. OTOH, I don’t mind dragons if they’re ones I don’t already have. Would be nice if flock packs had a decent chance of premium dragons.

That’d be nice. Personally, I used to¹ spend $1-$3 if the offer was giving me ~1k runes/dollar, but I won’t spend more than $5 on single purchases. I absolutely won’t spend $20+ at once, especially not for a single dragon. There is absolutely no way in which a single dragon changes the game enough to warrant that level of expenditure. (Maybe the Legendary dragons, but certainly not regular dragons, even premium ones.)

On a related note, PLEASE BRING BACK the icon when runes are ready to be collected. It’s really stupid that non-riders get a nag icon constantly in their sidebar, but riders get zero notification when our runes are ready. It’s almost like we’re being punished for spending money on the subscription.

(¹ Prior to the TLS fiasco, which I don’t think was handled well. I wonder how many players they lost to that…)

I’m pretty sure the problem here is that the chances aren’t “1/(the amount of legendary items)”. That would imply even weighting, and I strongly suspect this is not the case.

Yeah… been meaning to complain about that and never got around to it. That change just feels stupid, and it takes ages to get more lives. I guess they want to make it take longer for players to complete the gauntlet, though.

That’s something else I never understood; why does amber go to mail instead of being collected immediately? It just makes a pointless extra step…

Me either. Unfortunately, still waiting on them to add Google Play :sob:, as I can’t stand Apple either.

Really? I’ve found the opposite to be true; many islands that could be filled with little waste before now have (mostly) useless space.