General suggestions for game improvement (Need opinions)


Good morning all,
I am reading most of the forums for our favorite game (Official, Reddit, Facebook page) and i have decided to talk about my suggestions and how they can improve the game:

  1. Surrender option. This has been discussed a lot, and I really think that will make the game much more fast and fun for everyone! Although, the waste of time is not the only reason that this will help. If people can concede doomed matchups, they can move lower to an appropriate place in the arena and fight much more similar opponents

  2. Matchmaking. Well here my suggestion is that the current team’s average dinosaur level should be accounted for the matchup. It could help people try new dinosaurs easier, and play in various arena levels offering more variety in gameplay and, of course making the machups more fair.

  3. Arena ladder and exclusives. This thing is actually very bad at the moment. My suggestion is: keep the arena level exclusives but only include dinos that aren’t used for any hybrids, just for collection purposes. At the same time, remove all the other arena incubator dinosaurs, make everything random, BUT, as you increase level in the arena, the chances of getting dinos that are used for hybrids (or hybrids themselves) increases. On the highest arena this could be 100%, for example!

  4. Some hybrid material dinosaurs need to be a bit more common in the wild: Ankylosaurus, Sinoceratops etc. I have read that specific dino family scents are coming in the future. So that might be addressed this way.

  5. Remove the 15 min incubators, they do not offer anything at all. It is just 1 min waste for watching a random add video.

  6. Make the incubators, in general worth to buy! Increase the chances for useful dino DNA (even common!), double the coins, the hard cash or whatever. They are NOT worth the euros, in any case so far

  7. Make nerfs/buffs to dinos (corresponding to their rarity), judging from their frequency of use in battles (sample could be taken from each arena bracket or by certain trophy brackets: 0-500, 500-1000, … 3000-3200, 3200-3400 etc)

  8. Strike Events. These should be adjusted based on your team’s average level. for example. White: half your level, Blue: 80% if your level, Epic: 100% of your level

Those are my suggestions :slight_smile: I hope that I will hear some opinions on those, and especially that the community manager of Ludia reads them. You never know where you might get an idea from!


My take on what you said :

  1. Surrender option is a tough one. If you concede, does that mean your opponent defeat your 3 dinos ? Or none as you move to the next battle ? Or only the one you defeated in the match ?
    In that case it will be harder to get the daily 10 kills because if you chain people who surrender you are going to win a lot of trophies and face teams you can’t defeat…
    I’m neutral on this. I could see this help some folks but I don’t want it to be broken. Maybe a bot should take over doing only first attack (same as disconnect)

  2. Already discussed, it’s broken. My team would be 30,30,25,25,25,25,1,1 netting an average of 20,25. Good luck to take out my two 30s if your team is made with 20s and 21s
    Trophies based matchmaking is fine. It ensures a fair battle with opponent who earned about the same number of trophies. Of course their team can worth more or less depending on many parameters that makes it sounds unfair but nothing is truly fair (except friendly battles maybe but you could still have unlocked more dino than your opponent, have a best random 4 than your opponent, etc…)

  3. I think arena exclusive are fine. They need to stay and the higher the arena the better they should be. Alanqa is a good example. If I don’t earn anything useful for being at higher arena, what’s the point ? I’d rather derank and crush everyone easily to get my incubators with shorter match (=less time for me to get incubators). For now I can get some Alanqa which is nice (and I’m out of the doomed stygy :sweat_smile: ). If none of exclusive dino is useful, you’d rather hunt instead (way better DNA per time, both quality and amount)

  4. Imo epic DNA shouldn’t be easy to find. It’s not the interest of Ludia to give epic spawns non stop. I’m fine with the way they are handled : ankylosaurus, sino were featured in event not so long ago and it was an easy way to grab a lot of DNA. And they are honestly fairly common in their area if you know where to look for. And I’m looking forward too for family specific incubator. Wait & see

  5. A lot of people like them and I’m one of them. They are good value, like 15s add for some epics DNA sometimes ? I take it. I get it can be frustrating sometimes when you are looking for a long incub to run but the value inside is very good for the time and the ability to instant open it.

  6. You just want to make the game more pay to win ? At this point of the game, you need to put truckload of money to get the needed DNA. But with your suggestion, it will be easier. Not only it will pissed the whales that bought a lot of them before but it will create new stronger player between the two. Those who want to play F2p are going to face really stronger team than they can see now…
    Incubators are a gamble, better buy coins (except for the level up incub but it’s because it comes with coins and hard cash).

  7. I disagree. Nerf and buff should be only based on results of battle at equivalent level. A t-rex is going to be crushed at level 14 vs an opponent stegodeus level 22 but does that mean it need a nerf ? Because if you take a duel t-rex vs stegodeus at same level, the t-rex is going to win just as expected.
    If you nerf the most used dino it will lead to a pay to win environment where f2p won’t be able to catch up (the time their dino is going to level up they will be nerfed)

  8. This could help some to have a shot at better tower. In this case, rewards should be downgraded accordingly. But I’m not sure that Ludia is interested in this (if you fail barely you can retry with cash)

If you want to add points we are here to discuss. Everything that can make the game better is worth discussing :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the hard part in suggesting things is not to thing about something but to ensure that it would work for every player and be in line with Ludia business plan. And ensuring that they are possible (for devs). The best example is matchmaking : I see a lot of “suggestions” but they don’t go deep enough to handle all the cases and they are not doable because of this.


I think you both make good points. They shouldn’t rush into any decisions. I’m not a big fan of exclusives when players are tempted to go down in ranks to get her them, this should be looked at.
Strike towers could be endless and the more enemy’s you defeat the better the rewards?
But variety is the spice of life.


I’ll provide a take on this as well :slight_smile:

  1. I do think a concede button is needed. There truly are times where you know before its getting to end-match that its going to be a loss. Especially if Ludia is going to be doing tournaments so quickly together, it can get pretty demoralizing to sit there and face loss after loss at the top of Sorna/bottom of Ruins to say the least. Though Quakeur does bring up a valid point about how would would the daily 10 kills gets handled, I’d personally be in favor of awarding 3 kills in total (regardless of the number actually defeated before the match was conceded) to the winner, what they would have obtained anyways, and 0 kills to the person that conceded (regardless of whether they beat any before conceding).

  2. Matchmaking is a tough one to say the least. Lots of ideas have been bantered around, and most are as potentially problematic as the current system. I’ve been doing some thinking about this as well, and I’m not sure long term there’s a better solution to the non-tournament arena than what we’ve got. Its still a relatively new game, with new players joining, many people still getting out there and leveling dinos, and with that I’m sure some new whales as well in addition to those already in game (not a dig, just stating). The one thing the matchmaking system can not and likely will not ever be able to take into account is a persons skill level, which I’m sure we’ve all seen can dramatically alter the course of a match in unexpected ways…for us or against us. Yes, RNG as well as another intangible, but that’s not something that can be counted on, and eventually Lady Luck turns against everyone.

2.5) Adding one here, since it wasn’t specifically discussed, but I feel is still relevant. One thing that could possibly help with matchmaking would be to move tournaments to its own PvP category. Instead of it being forced in the current arena setting, and artificially compressing players causing a week or two of madness in trophy counts, have a separate arena altogether for tournaments. Everyone starts at 0 trophies when the tournament starts, completely random matchmaking based on who’s playing at the time until players begin to gain enough trophies to be matched higher and ELO takes over. Yeah, the first few days would be rough on mid- and lower- tiered teams, but not the havoc that is currently caused I believe in the arenas. It would also give people a choice as to whether to participate or not, and possibly make it easier to tier rewards based on rank.

  1. Arena exclusive dinos are a tough one for me. Or, specifically, Alanqa I suppose. I don’t mind at all that some dinos are only available as a reward for those who have put the time/effort/money to get to where they could obtain something at a specific level. Though personally I don’t support having something so new locked away to where most players won’t see it again for quite a while at the very least. Overall, it doesn’t bother me in the long run. Between strike events, featured dinos, etc, with patience its not overly difficult to obtain what you’re looking for. Considering I’m only 600 DNA away from having a lvl 15 Gallmimus and haven’t made it to Ruins yet, I’m hopeful that trend will continue.

  2. This is one I’m torn on as well. I don’t think that epic DNA should be easier to find per say. But I do have to disagree with @quakeur in that they are ‘fairly common in their area’. Living in a relatively rural area, and even knowing where they like to spawn, the legendaries in for my zone, and zones near me, are still pretty darn difficult to find. Trying to find enough, let alone any sometimes, of Sinoceratops, Monomimus, and Baryonyx is pretty frustrating some days. I’d be genuinely curious if they had any way of slightly upping the spawn rates for people who live in rural areas without it unbalancing things as they are otherwise. But its something I’ll keep slogging through either way. I’m very much hoping that the family specific incubators will be a help as well, and not be priced out of being able to be obtained regularly for people who aren’t able to spend as much on the game.

  3. I like the 15 min incubators. And I tend to get DNA out of them that I otherwise have to travel a bit for. I’d be completely against removing them.

  4. Agree with Quakeur again on this one. Buying incubators right now feels balanced. Lowering the price will just make the game pretty well pay to win at that point, especially if its modified to have more/better quality in it. Personally, I’m not concerned about how the current whales would be…prices on items are always subject to change, and anyone who spent anything on the game previously (myself included) would be silly not to realize things are always subject to change. But no on changing those.

  5. Disagree with this as well. Certain dinos are already more or less gateway dinos that are extremely helpful to being able to progress further in the arenas. I’m not sure it would lead to a p2w environment necessarily, but I do see it potentially creating other problems. Let’s take Indoraptor as an example. Does it get nerfed to oblivion because everyone in the top tiers has it on their team? Does it get buffed since a (probably) smaller portion of the player base overall have it? It can be a game changer by itself once obtained depending on when and where in the arenas you are. If it gets nerfed, why go after it…and if it gets buffed it could easily become a case of have vs have not (or RNG selected it for your team or not when an opponent fields one).

  6. I don’t see a need to change strike towers really. Generally speaking, even newer players have a pretty decent shot of at least getting part of the way through, or completing, a rare or legendary strike event (assuming its more than 1 match). I’m guessing that’s why there’s multiple incubators as rewards at various checkpoints during strike events…if you aren’t able to complete the whole thing, you can still get rewarded for the effort you put in to get as far as possible. The only ones I ever hear (personally) of people having trouble with here or on Metahub is the legendary strike events with one match (ie, the 30 Indoraptor, 22 Brachiosaur, the pterasaur duo). The AI does not use their skills effectively at all the vast majority of the time, and all I see that suggestion doing unfortunately would be to make the time it took to complete an event take longer. The 7 and 10 battle events take long enough as it is, imo =\

Cheers and thanks for taking the time to read! Hopefully we can get some good discussion going and maybe find some suggestions that would be fair to all that are viable to implement =D


Increase the amount of time between tournaments! Jeez, levelling my own dinos is getting hard enough, but when I’m constantly bombarded by everyone who gets their mega-hybrid death squads knocked down into the lower arenas, it just makes it all seem futile.

I’m VIP, I spend the occasional few bucks on tbe game, i just choose not to compete. And so do a lot of others.

Make tournaments seasonal, as in Fall tournament in October, winter tournament in January, spring tournament in April, Summer tournament in July. The downtime in between will give those of us who need to farm incubs the chance to do so without constantly having to get swept away by the flood of players dropping out of the higher arenas.


This isn’t Fortnite or Unreal Tournament. It’s not meant to be a constant bloodbath, and having a tournament every two weeks isn’t enough downtime in between.


That’s why I proposed in my reply earlier to separate the tournament into its own setting. That way it’d be its own arena, with no impact on the regular PvP arena and people would get to choose whether to participate or not, since not everyone wants to. Honestly, I don’t mind the timing…the top players are going to stay the top players at this point regardless however long between tournaments (unless you decide to become a whale), but I think it would alleviate a lot of the frustrations many of us are having with how its being handled.


The thing is that the tournament is geared entirely around a whale-centric game economy. It’s no mystery why incubs cost so much, or in-game cash costs an arm, a leg, and your first-born child.

It’s because Ludia knows that these whales have more money than is humanly necessary, and they also know how to get them to keep buying stuff.

First, they put up a “coin wall”. For the average paying player, this gets tricky. I end up shelling out $20 per month on two of the 9.99 game cash deals, then convert that to coin, because I don’t usually have the time to spend every day spinning drops for little of nothing.

Second, the prices of the incubs are geared to where only whales would have the idle cash to buy them. I’ve bought one of the cheaper ones once - to see if it was any different from an arena incub… it wasn’t. So these whales buy tons of these, as well as dart for DNA, leaving the rest of us behind to grind it out.

Ludia’s playing a game of player loss through attrition. They know that if they make the odds almost insurmountable to everyone except the ones who can buy tons of in-game incubs, players will leave.

As it stands now, it’s futile to even attempt tournament play. My style of playing isn’t that competitive (I only really battle to farm incubs), and I am still trying to fuse my first 4 Legendaries - IRex, Paramoloch, Stegodeus, and Tragodistis. I think that Ludia really needs to think about making this game accessible to everyone, regardless of their income. Resetting the game economy to not favor whales would be a start. Resetting tournaments to a 4-times a year schedule and on an optional play basis would be another.


This 1 seems simple and fair to me but… Maybe incubators from the arena should simply have a random chance to contain any DNA and guarantee the arena exclusive DNA of any arena youve passed. You rarely get hybrid necessary DNA from them and every incubator seems to have Stygi DNA in ruins and the marsh.


Sorna Marshes at Tournament time:



Here’s the thing. Any time you have a game that has any sort of economy like JWA does where you can buy things via microtransactions to get ahead, you’re going to have the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. Its just the nature of having a game like that. I’ve never bought a store incubator personally, but as you said and I’ve heard so many times before, if you’re only buying one or two here and there they aren’t that good of a purchase. Unless you’re buying mass quantities.

Second, there’s always going to be some sort of hindrance to progression. Some sort of artificial barrier to impede progress at some level. They kind of have to do that so there’s a reason for people to keep playing, and incentivise spending at least something in the game. Does that mean you have to spend to ever progress? No, it just means that progression may be slowed based on your play time and RNG, to a degree.

If anything, for a game that has the potential for someone to spend so much to get ahead, the fact that it isn’t a true p2w model realistically is rather heartening. Yeah, I seriously doubt there’s anyone near the top who isn’t a cheater or a whale, but the game is also pretty new all things considered for anyone f2p to be that high up.

The whales will always be whales if they choose to be, and to a point, I can understand catering to them to a degree. After all, I think you may be forgetting that since the game can be played, enjoyed, and progressed without ever spending anything at all on something from the store, its the whales who are keeping the game afloat. There’s no forced advertising, there’s no forced purchases, etc.

But that’s why I’d also be in favor of separating the tournament into a separate arena, to balance things out some with much less stress on the general population base. As far as timing, I’m not sure I can agree with a 4 time a year schedule…that means there’s either going to be few tournaments with lots of down time between, or tournaments that drag on forever.

One thing I truly don’t understand though, is your comment about making the game accessible to everyone. Truly, how is the game not accessible? Again, its not like there’s a forced pay wall…and no matter what there’s always going to be disparity at some level. If its not whales, then its going to be people who have more time to hunt and hit supply drops than others. If its not that, its going to be people who have consistently favorably RNG. There’s always going to be something for someone to point at and try and say that’s not fair.

That said, keep getting out there and darting things! Hit strike events, get as many featured dinos as you can. Stock up on as many Megalosaurus’ as you can while you can and they are out. Its not a race…especially if you aren’t trying to be competitive.