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Hey! I consider myself an active beta player and I just wanted to give some content feedback.

  • Before we continue getting new lands and characters, I’d prefer to get more content for the existing franchises in the game. It’s odd to have an entire Alice in Wonderland section in Fantasyland yet have Alice as the only character? I’d love Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter etc. It looks kind of bland having only one character in that entire area. Same with Aladdin and Jasmine, the Aladdin section of Adventureland is HUGE yet there’s only two characters filling it up. Would love Jafar, Genie, Abu, Carpet or anything else lol.

  • Same concept but I’d prefer expanding on the existing lands rather than continually adding new lands. There are soooo many movies/franchises that could be incorporated into Fantasyland and Adventureland. Little Mermaid, Tangled, Frozen, Peter Pan and more for Fantasyland; Lion King, Emperors New Groove, Moana, and more for Adventureland. They both look bland compared to Cars Land and TS Land which both have more content.

  • I’d love for decorations to make a comeback! There’s a lot of empty space near the attractions and I’d gladly pay for decorations to make my park livelier. There also seems to be a large opening/space in each park (not sure if intentional?) so it would be cool to get larger statues/fountains/displays to put in those sections.

  • I’ve thought about how building upgrades/character function could be optimized, maybe the characters could be used in game? Not the Mickey and Friends but the characters that are purchased. Costumes could grant additional rewards/content as well. As for building upgrades, perhaps there could be a function where once you upgrade X amount of attractions in a land you get a reward?

Hello @stroud1492,
Thank you for your feedback! :pray:
Though Disney Wonderful Worlds is still in its pre-registration phase, our dev team is working hard to optimize the game and can’t wait to share what they have in store for everyone! :slight_smile: