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Generalized depression

I do not know if it’s something generalized or only happens in our alliance (but because of the comments I read here, I think it’s something common), but people have gone into a state of depression. Some of the symptoms of this generalized depression are:

  • Two of the best players have left the game and the alliance and one of the best has simply stopped playing waiting for news.

  • I think only a couple of people from the alliance participated in this weekend’s tournament, largely because of the inflated entrance fee.

  • Of those who remained several have eliminated their VIP account

  • Always reach level 5 of the mission of exploration of the alliance on Friday in the first hour and this week we did not reach until Sunday at the last minute.

  • We have a WhatsApp channel of the alliance (the game chat is horrible) and many people have stopped commenting and if they comment it is to complain about the boosted monsters they face.

Only a few members are minimally excited about the fact that they have climbed a lot in the classification. I think it is important to say everything.

The worst thing is that this has happened right at the best moment of the game. After the great versions 1.4 and 1.5 with the appearance of alliances, missions and inclusions of great creatures not paying, people were very excited. Every day we had great conversations in the WhatsApp group, we discussed tactics, donations, how to overcome the towers etc. version 1.6 was a null version, no great news appeared and no new feasible dinosaur appeared (Darwin’s unique two were impossible) but it managed to maintain that good environment that version 1.7 destroyed.

I know it’s just a message similar to many others that have appeared these days in this forum but I want you to see that in addition to messages of anger and protest there are simply messages of depression and sadness, with some hope that this situation can be reversed.


Agree about your text.

Same feeling in our club aswell.

Same feeling around the internet.

It all comes down to psychology.

If a company is to greedy it affect the players will to pay for services.
That effect the term of motivation.
That gives frustration.
Then people give up.

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Point is simple. The game is not enjoyable anymore. And if people don’t have fun playing a game, they stop playing. Same feeling for me too. The fact is that if people lose interest, is difficult for them to get it back later…


I believe that people who have left will hardly return, but I also think that for people who are now disappointed, sad or even angry, there is still time to find a solution. Anyway, once the damage is done, it is difficult to find a solution that makes everyone happy. They must decide what type of player they want to retain.


Are u still here? I thought you said you were leaving a couple of weeks ago. If the game makes you feel that way call one of those supports numbers at the top of the page


Rhetorical question?
Answer: The ones that will spend money.

Having answered that the depression isn’t without grounds. JWA is continue paying to win. At some point people reach their limit.


I know that you love getting into the threads to bother, I think a pretty sad existence. As I mentioned in that same thread that I created, for now I’m still in the game although I play less and try to improve it with my comments. The change was to discover that the subject of the introduction of the dinos only for payment was made by request of some in this forum.

You can keep bothering here or move on to another thread.



Keep posting this every time someone states they have a legitimate concern with the game they love.

Eventually you’ll be the only one here.

I’ve lost interest. It’s no longer fun to play this.

Games I’ve left, I haven’t gone back to play. If I did, it was only temporarily, and usually that brief time was a reminder of why I left the game. I have little doubt it would be any different with this game.

This game, unfortunately, is circling the drain.


It is not so easy. Is it a good decision to please the 100 people who spend thousands of euros and bother the thousands or tens of thousands of people who are VIPs and spend, from time to time, a few tens or hundreds of euros? If these last people leave, those who spend thousands of euros will continue to spend in a game without rivals?

The boost-problem will probably be really bad for every players.
Anyhow the outcome.

  • Those who left, disappointed of the new meta and ”Pay-to-win”
  • Players who bought a lot of boost, who maby will see them go away.
  • Players who couden’t buy boosts, and see their teams on free fall.
  • Players who started to love their boosted teams, and don’t want them to go away.
  • Players who can’t stand any of the boosting.

As someone above said.

They needed a better goal - What is this game nowdays about?


It is a very good question and, possibly, it is the first thing that they should answer before finding solutions to the problems.


Game development is there same thing as writing a script for a Movie or a Theatre.

Ups, downs, falls, action, sadness.


Anyhow , the red-line must be clear, and gamers agree about that statement.

As I see it.


He states people are going I to a state of depression over the game. That is not a legitimate concern about the game as you state. That is a legitimate concern over someone’s mental health.

People play this game in their spare time for fun. If it is causing a person mental health issues they should quite. Why continuously do something that causes depression? There’s a difference between people who are frustrated with the game and will continue on hoping it gets fixed. Then people who are making themselves sick over the game. Their mental health is more important then the game and they should quite.

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I see it a little differently. The game worked well except for some mistakes, people were encouraged, the introduction of the alliances had been a success, so why make such an important effort to make such a drastic and risky change? If I had been the designer of version 1.7 I would have done only the following:

  1. Solve the maximum possible technical errors.
  2. Improve the Spawn a bit.
  3. Nerf the Draco (to stop being “Tyrant”) and a little bit the Tryko (to match it with the rest of the uniques “Tyrant”).
  4. Buff the unique with little force in version 1.6 (the crocodile, the two birds, the toura and the Dioraja)
  5. Create two or three unique NO PAYMENT and, at most, in concession to those who spend thousands of euros, a payment unique.

With these simple changes, the players on the one hand would have hunting objectives and on the other there would be 16 unique plus a few legendary endings (monostegotops, tragodistis, stegodeus, spinotasuchus, …) with a similar power, so that the teams would be trained for 8 of these 20 creatures and they would be varied not as now that all the teams are clones of each other.

I do not know if it is a translation error (my English is a bit poor) and the meaning of the word in English but I am not saying that nobody is falling into depression, I am saying that people are depressed with the game.


It’s really not that simple. Most people who will become depressed over a game also have problems with addiction to said game. I can speak from personal experience. Though I have learned how to mitigate a lot of this, it can still be struggle. You are at odds with your brain chemistry.

The state of the game causes you to not really want to play, but you’re addicted so you play, so you feel bad about the game, so you stop, so you feel bad, so you play, so you feel bad.

Its a larger problem and takes further steps and a want to heal outside of your problem. Not all of us are as strong as others. If people can become connected to something more real you find yourself sucked into the mire of addiction and depression.

Now all that being said it’s not a game develpments companies responsibility to take care of our own mental health, it’s our own, but speaking from experience. It’s not just as simple as ‘stop playing’. The road to healing is a lot longer than that.

edit: Calrification. This game is not currently causing me any depression. But I have struggled with varying levels of gaming addiction and subsequent depression in the past.


Respect for your story. And willingness to tell it :+1:

Some of the built in mechanism is making strong emotions.

Like the tournament this weekend.

Is it fun to keep battle and battle and battle to see that your score never improve?

To reach 500-600 points, and end at 200? This cases irritation.
Why not givning 30+ for win and 15- for lost.

It won’t make specific mutch in the end, but taking away the feeling of going nowhere while I making a huge effort.

Or level up, grind, pay for really hard dinos and just see them be slaughted time after time to the most easy dino to build in the game (DC).

Or givning away 5 x free chances for uniqes, then draw back 1 x free Attempt. Or just givning away them while players have fighted for 1 year to make them.

This is unbalance, stuff that raised during the time. If this was better planned, MANY problems would have been gone.

And this forum more alive.

Hello everyone, keep the thread neutral. Everyone is allowed to express their opinion, however, nobody is allowed to make the open discussion personal. Refrain from doing that to avoid warnings and suspensions.

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For my part, it has only been a misunderstanding, already solved.

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I wouldn’t exactly say depression, more like disappointment or disheartening. Just for the simple fact that you put in so much effort/time/money/gas/insomnia leveling up dinos since last summer… only to have boosts almost completely nullify (pun definitely intended) all that work.