Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha is recruiting!
This is a very new alliance that has a nice community and people.
We need around like 24 people.
Hopefully with at least 100 trophies and play daily and not mandatory discord and communicates well and also donates.
We have a discord server so that is our main way of communicating.

Any questions contact me on discord MrNoodles#6771.


i remember you i think. You were part of our alliance for a little bit, right>?

what alliance? @ExtinctBuckle22

acrocanthosaur bosses

Yes then i joined a friend and then there leader was never on and then i made a new alliance with some people in the other one. then here we are

i am the leader of my alliance acro bosses and im pretty active moost of the time

I am the leader of this one and i am on very often.

good! its always fun to start an alliance

yes its very fun