Generic apex DNA

My Mortem Rex hit level 30 last week; any additional DNA earned will now be useless. Although I’m still helping my alliance members with Mortem Rex raids, I can see that many players will decide not to bother with raids anymore once their apex is maxed. Since the boost shuffle it has already become more difficult to organize raids and this will make it worse.

So why not award generic apex DNA once a certain apex dino has reached level 30? This would be similar to rare candy in Pokémon Go, which can be exchanged for any pokémon candy. This way I could have used the 15 Mortem Rex DNA I earned today for Gorgotrebax (or any other apex boss) instead, definitely a motivating factor to participate in all apex raids.

As more and more players max Mortem Rex (and later the other apexes) it will become increasingly difficult to find Mortem Rex raid teams. Awarding generic apex DNA once an apex creature has reached level 30 would be a solution to this problem.

Change ‘Gorgotrebax’ to either ‘Haast Maximus’ or ‘Hydraboa’ and think about it…

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It can be any apex, I just gave an example. But I’ll edit my op to make this clear.


Hmmm you may have missed my point…

Is it a good idea that people with one maxed apex can freely double rewards each week to one other apex (regular raid + ‘generic DNA’)… including to those that are in that 2.5 months of unlocking provided someone gets a 30 every week?

Why not? Otherwise newer players will soon have trouble finding raid teams. Players may not want to help with raids if they have the boss at level 30. Mortem Rex is a fast raid, but some apex bosses require a substantial time commitment only to receive “useless” DNA (for those who have the apex at 30).