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Genuine Question about the Meta

So quick question; why is everyone going crazy over thylacotator? I mean, it’s just a suchotator that breaks shields and dodges. Its stats are widely worse too with the exception of speed and crit.

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80% DoT in 2 turns
60% rend damage on turn 2
those two alone is usually enough to 2 tap tanks.

it’s immune to speed decrease and has a great crit chance. It does what it does the best out of many other bleeders.



Also the name of the creature is irrelevant because players tend to complain about whatever creature is strongest or they are struggling against, sometimes the complaints are justified however sometimes it’s just a case of “I just lost to X dinosaur, please nerf!”


Maybe that’s why dimorphodon gets nerfed each patch.

I absolutely destroy those guys, I never lose to them. It’s just that I see ones at level idk, 19 on super strong players.

Didn’t you know suchotator is one of the best beginner hybrids in game?
It’s the only rare hybrid that could go up againts legendaries when boosted and leveled properly plus with good strats

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And defeat so many good uniques and legendary and is a SUPER CHOMPER in raids
and can defeat a Ardentis with 10k of hp in 2 turns is not the great thing

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Honestly it needs to have a attack nerf back to 1000 or 1100

For an epic, it shouldn’t have a speed decrease resistance but thats just my opinion, a simple thyla shouldn’t be able to 2 hit a Tryko, Dio, Maxima, Gemini, etc etc wich all are end-game dino’s.

No Speed innunity with no Stun Immunity would absolutely decimate Thylaco and make it almost unusable at what it’s meant to counter: everything. It’s a wild card, it can be killed by most and can defeat most. Imo, its one of the most balanced creatures in the game

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it needs back it’s stun immunity so it can take on thors and things such as rixis better

Tbh, as much as having stun aided it, decel immunity is just so much better. If they gave it Stun Immunity they should remove Vulnerable immunity, it’s pretty rubbish on it anyway

I agree, and thylacotator is supposed to be a counter to rixis ut it cant do much if it gets stunned all the time especially twice in a row if the rixis is faster which i normally see, and gets taken out turn 3