Genuinely curious


Has anyone seen anything more poorly coded than this battle garbage?


At first i wasnt going to reply.

But then i realized you were genuine.

So yes, yes i have.


I made a pretty ugly code that used symbols to paint a cottage in the woods in programming 101. It was very bad. So I’ve seen worse too


The graphics are excellent.
The icons mostly don’t disappear.
Its kind of functional.

At least two out of five stars.


There was this fuzzy channel on tv in the 1990s that you literally had to squint for in order to see anything … but we watched it anyway :man_shrugging:t4:


Add PoGO battles to the list of poorly coded. The ‘death glitch’ if you tried to dodge your attacker would disappear and do nothing, so effectively you were not battling at all and helpless. Could not switch or attack, just wait to die.


:rofl: Thanks I needed that. And yeah thinking back to Intro to Programming class and PoGO are valid examples I had forgotten about.


I made a wicked awesome game of Snake in C++ back in high school. This might be better.


As a SDE, I do find their bugs are pretty weird. It seems that their codes lack abstraction and testing, a lot of hardcoded s*** going on.


Actually the battle system is one of my favorite parts of the game and the reason I like it so much. (I do get annoyed occasionally when it seems the other player has three attacks in a row, but that is rare and is probably due to modifiers and special abilities.) But it beats the hell out of the “tap tap tap swipe tap tap swipe swipe” crap of P-GO.


P-go had a whole other set of problems, both it and this game have their issues. Poke on one hand has nearly pushed everyone away as will this game if they don’t start learning and fixing their issues. I personally enjoy the battles, but I’m not going to be the one to accept the major flaws as minor just because it’s kind of fun.