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In the last 2 days, I’ve acquired 5 x Geosaurus.

Even for coins in Trade Harbour which has NEVER happened to me before

Whats up with that? Could something be happening with this creature soon? Anyone else got the Geosaurus?

No, but i got 2 Ostafrikasaurus (maybe Eastafricasaurus in English) for 29mio coins. Suprised me too, dinos for coins are very rare.


I now get coins for dna trades regularly, like 20-30m coins for 2-3k dna, which seems to me better than coins for dino, since I can save up dna to buy what I need, particularly those extremely expensive topend hybrids.

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Tommi that’s about the same for mine, I got 2 Geosaurus for 25m and then 2 Geosaurus for 23 million on the same day

I was doing a little victory dance.

Ostafrikasaurus is the same in English. Surprisingly

Stan, my deals are so much better at the moment. Im so pleased about the better deals on coins. I can go for days without any coins for better deals then have a stretch of days where Im selling Hammond statues to get enough for the trades. I can always buy them back when I have a dry coin trade spell


Once Ludia made the change to allow stored non-dino assets for trade, I’ve cleared island space (just a small corner, really) for placing decorations (and sometimes buildings), only to then store them up as tradeable assets. Eventually, for buildings, I began swapping same-size buildings in and out. Of course, I’m doing all this to minimize wastage on coins collected after 999m. Similarly with those booster cards (especially the +8 defense, which came up fairly often). Recent booster card trades for S-DNA have yielded quite a harvest. Not quite a full indoraptor’s worth, but already got enough for another monosteg and a diplosuchus. Perhaps also half of an indoraptor, but trades are ongoing. I cringe the day when I can’t take in another Indo without seriously jeopardizing battle difficulty.


I’m not at the point where I can collect that many coins (well, I guess I could but prefer spending them on Hammond statues and other trades when I’m low on other resources) but I did get a trade offer for Geosaurus recently too, for loyalty points I think. Normally I pass on those but since this was one I hadn’t found yet and would get me a couple badges I did take it.

You’ll be overflowing with coins and more coins soon enough, Mary Jo. The Hammond statue has great range hut only +7%. Kinda depends on the shape of the space you have available for placing anything. The tar pit is actually pretty good, as are a few +10% decos that occupy 4 squares like the Hammond. I’m at a point where I hardly care anymore about coin production, just how not to waste too much.

For coins I’ve gone to this pattern. I’ll take all the clock towers I can get, and then trade out for Hammonds and move Mr DNA’s.

Clock towers +16%, can’t beat those, and they only take up 4 squares too. Can’t buy them though, but play long enough and you should have a stash of them pretty soon. Perhaps someday, when I retire from all this battling, I can think of ways to place everything to look pretty. :star_struck:

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Downside is clock towers only have a 4 square range. Hammonds as 6 are pretty good as they can cover farther. Most of my park looks like a Hammond army.

Sun dials aren’t to bad either at 10%.


Yeah I’m mostly a mix of sundials and Hammonds right now, at least as far as I’ve been able to get in purchasing the latter For the level I’m at, and not having put a lot of effort into optimizing it, the amount of gold I’m collecting is decent enough, I’m usually clearing at least 10m a day or so.

The Paradise Lagoon is a pretty piece, but takes up lots of space. So too the Ocean Fountain. Perhaps I need to look into beautifying the island, since I seem to have accumulated enough resources to last a while. My buildings/decos are already 999+. :flushed: stopped counting!

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