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German Clan “Vestmann Drage Ryttere” (6/25) is recruiting!


Heya Riders,

the Clan “Vestmann Drage Ryttere” is a German clan and we are looking for support.

Currently we are just two of us, but I hope you would like to join us. We are actively playing on a daily basis, looking what is achievable as a Clan of play for free players.

If this sounds interesting to you feel free to contact me or to simply join “Vestmann Drage Ryttere”.

Kind Regards,
Marc alias GarvinDark


Hi Garvindark

our clan is “FighterZ” we are a play for free clan we are active daily and are looking for likeminded players to join us, everyone in the clan is active and awesome we share news and help each other where needed. play for free is very difficult and without the help and support or people to make the game fun its easy to lose interest so we tackle the alpha and have fun no arguing or forcing members to be online 24/7 we play when we get the chance and we beat the alpha 9/10 times

please consider joining us


Thanks for the offer, but we would like to stay and grow together. We are now 5/25 and all active play for free users.

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We are now 6 actively played accounts.

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Hey… we are two 5000+ daily players.
Actually we are in a clan whos full, but onöy 10-15 good Players, no Good communication, and the clan leader dont spend time for his clan.
German speaking here , too
Can sou tell us how strong and active youre clan is ?