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German Translation off

I’m not sure if this is the right category, but I noticed that the translation is sometimes way off. Usually it is just weird. But this one actually gives the wrong tip!
It’s the help for the red alpha fight, and the german text would mean “avoid combinations with the gas”. But as I understand you should combine with the gas, to minimize explosions, correct?
This really screwed me over a few times.

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I feel like they forgot to adjust the Alpha descriptions, maybe in every language but yes, in German it’s for sure!

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Hey JustASkedge, could I get a screenshot of the tips?


Sure, I will post it once I get back to it.

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Here they are, @Ned.
The first says to avoid combinations with the gas, even though you could interpret the picture in the tip otherwise.
The second, as I noticed later, actually gives the right tip - to combine tiles with gas.

Guess it’s not simply because of the translation. They just forgot to change it.


Oh, well that would explain it as well ^^"