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Get 10 direct hits on 1 epic creature with 1 drone achievement

I’m good at darting but this achievement is ridiculous. There are some epics that are very difficult to dart so getting 10 direct hits in one go is VERY difficult. Free to play users can forget about completing this for sure. I have VIP and I don’t see this happening! Did any of you complete this?

Many have completed this task actually. For me it’s quite difficult and I’ll be stuck here for a while I’m afraid.
I’ve done it before achievements once or twice on a deer. Without VIP even.

Easiest ones are pteranodon megistotheium and koolasuchus

I’m non-vip and free to play and it is doable. Best bet is to find easy to dart epics on event or wild spawn and practice. I did this one on anky. The only impossible achievement is rapid fire which is vip only.

I think this is a nice challenge. Got 9/11 on the epic deer yesterday and it has made me more motivated lol!

That said, it is absolutely ridiculous to lock progression behind it. There are players who will simply never have the coordination to achieve this, VIP or not. It is also not an appropriate task for level 10 players, levels 20s with maxed out teams, sure.


I actually got 10 directs on a t-rex when I was on the achievement that only required six!

Once I unlocked this achievement, I ended up getting 11 directs on a seco on both my main and alt accounts. It’s a tough achievement but it’s definitely doable, and there should be some harder achievements to reward skilled players!

Easier dinos for this achievement include the deer, seco, koola, anky, and antarc.

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i just don’t like the fact that this one blocks you from getting to the next rank in the achievements. it’s get good or never unlock the rest. i hate it.

You have to pick your Epic. Find something like Ankylosaurus and go for that.

Rapid Fire.I did it today with VIP.So i don’t know for non-VIP users.
But you don’t have to hit the dino.Let the Dino roam ,just stay at the same spot load the Drone then release the dart,and repeat it.
I think that i threw more darts this way than the amount it have been requested.

I think rapid fire is 15 darts in a single session? Which is not possible without vip. So I’m kinda stuck when that one appears

There are no tasks dependent on that one. Whereas darting 10 epics prevents you from progressing to level 11 and any/all achievements gated behind levels 11+.