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Get a "confirm" button already

So i tried the indominus strike Event just for fun. I am a super casual player and my highest dino is a stegosaurus at lvl 16 so i knew i didn’t stand a chance. I wasn’t aware that you get only one try for this strike Event instead of 3.
So after losing the first time i clicked it again and saw that it was 200 bucks for another try.
I wanted to press the cancel button but apparently instead clicked the 200 dinobucks Button… So 200 bucks down the drain for nothing.
I think this is where i am taking a break of the game. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back :frowning:

Sorry to hear this happen dude, but Ludia can’t be blamed for people not paying attention.


I agree, This seems like it could have easily been avoided.

I’ve emailed Ludia about this after accidently purchasing a incubator which I didn’t want… The response was there is no plans to put in a cancellation button atm but they will look into it in the future.

In the mean time it seems they want you to spend more money replacing the in games cash you lost…

Actually they can be for not providing a cancellation button, other games do so why not Ludia

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Why don’t you read how to beat it, some people with low level can make it. With raptor

Easiest way to beat this strike is stuff with long invincibility and swap in invincibility… this is also the easiest way to bug the strike out…

No harm in making a confirm button. For the time being, pay more attention, hopefully they will add one in the future.

I totally agree they need a confirm button for sure! I don’t know why it hasn’t been in the game from the very start? surely they new this stuff would happen!

Heck they don’t even have a confirm button when evolving a dinosaur, you can hit evolve by mistake just trying to scroll!


Oh im sure it wasnt an over sight…accidental purchase is still money in their pocket.


Yep it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, and if that is the case that is a FILTHY thing to do to loyal customers!

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Ludia can be blamed for not putting a confirm button in there for expensive transactions.

I know they can be blamed for that, but that wasn’t the point I was making.

Well that was the point i was making in my OP.

Ultimately they can choose whether to or not. It’s down to the individual player to read the info on an event and make their own decision whether to play or pay. It’s all clear enough.

Ludia shouldn’t be held accountable for people not reading the info before hitting a button.

I think that what you are saying is totally unrelated to my post.