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Get ALL your dinos to level 20!

Let’s see, there are tournaments constantly and they typically restrict rarities and sometimes boosts. So that tells me that either EVERYONE is just okay with playing with the same lvl 20.“commons” and banking on luck to win matches or they can see how there is so much more since these tournaments can be the difference between massive coin, massive DNA, massive money, or massive boosts… Just Saying :man_shrugging:t5:

Oh the “boost” tournament might not count to people because they typically raise all dinos to lvl 26 and remove boosts…

In a way we all do so already… we hunt and battle everything available to get max dna on just about anything. Instead of levelling them we stockpile the dna giving us two advantages: 1- if a new creature is released we can level up to the requested level and fuse immediately. 2- we can donate to requests helping other members and getting coins in return.

The only way I can see this (non existing?) problem occurring is if you decide to skip darting creatures you think you don’t need or even skip striketowers where the rewards are “unwanted” dna.

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Everyone request dinos to get better ones so you don’t really want to give them it unless you don’t need it. And how are you supposed to get 40,000 coin by giving away dna when you only get somewhere around 90 coin for giving away 30 rare or 90 common.

Level all creatures five levels from where they begin and get as much DNA as possible for them, that’s the best thing to do. Oh and get coins, lots and lots of coins.

I’m using basic math…
90 coins x 5 time you can donate to each request x 50 requests. That is 22,500 coin cycling in to you and every player at every request which is multiple times a day. So you can figure each person contributing will bank themselves 100,000+ per day in coin! Plus our alliance has also confirmed that these weekly explorer incubators require massive amounts of DNA collection in the 8,9,10 rank completion. That is a piece of cake to accomplish because your alliance is also getting 30,000+ in DNA collection per day! I may look like a Leonardo Da Vinci but my ideas are not as far fetched as they may seem. I’ve been going over these things carefully.

You mean like this?!! 88 level 20’s and 21 level 21 unique’s… so far.

I only play level 20 & 21 creatures on this account, all unboosted and am sitting at 4468 trophy’s thanks to the help of Mammolania which is quite a beast.


Inquiring minds want to know… Do find yourself placing in the higher tiers in tournaments? What about when you are in tournaments that restrict you to lower rarities like commons? Are you typically getting beat by higher levelled dinos? People who have more than their raptor at level 20? Once I started taking on levelling dinos past just what is necessary for hybridization I found my tournament placement jumped significantly! This is especially important in the lower rarity dinos because most tournaments restrict you to only using them. Yes Mammolania is the new GOAT.