Get any creature for free

Ludia should give all of us a chance to pick any creature in the game so we can instantly unlock it

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You realize how detrimental that would be to the game, right? The lower arenas would be a mess


um… maybe, but thats gonna be kinda horrific. players who have just started and have like lvl.1 creatures could pick mortem and cause matchmaking to go to complete crap.


nope. everyone’s gonna pick the best things in the game and lower arenas will become more of a mess.


you read my mind

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Imagine a level 1 player intantly unlocking an Apex creature


And it will gonna ruin the fun aan curiosity to make a hybrid or do an apex raid.
And above all the fun thing will gone bcz for apex you have to evolve ur creatures by making more of it’s Dna…

Sometimes i just think people on this forum sugest stuff that would remove the work and grind from the game, whike not thining about what that would actualy cause.

Edit: the “add low lvl apex raids” thing is a prime example.


You can kinda do it. They do give those free dart chances on Uniques and Legendaries every once in awhile. I practically unlocked Indoraptor without any fuses because of the many dart chances they gave.

With how much free stuff Ludia gives us, it’s not enough to satisfy some people.

Oh man I dunno mabye *sarcastic voice

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That would be an improvement. We’re far beyond crap already. :grin:

how would it be an improvement? and i would have said how bad the matchmaking is but I cant use that language without getting flagged or banned. lol

It was meant as a joke because crap would be an improvement over where matchmaking is at now.

Quite honestly I don’t think they can screw matchmaking up any further, but if there’s a way to do it, I’m sure Ludia will find it.

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Anyone in library and above can be matched together. please no

Oh, ok. yea, i really hope ludia stays true to their promise to listen to us players…

I hope so, too.

insert lightbulb emoji here
level 1-5 have to choose a common or rare
6-10 = Rare to epic
11- 15= Epic - Legendary
16 - 20 = Legendary or Unique
Notice there is NO CHOOSING APEXES!!!


Or maybe make it so aviary lvl 20 can choose to unlock an apex considering that is the point that apexes will be at balance

Stop with the nonsense. First the low level apex raids thread, and now this

The entire point of the game is to grind for the good and cool looking creatures. This would ruin that entire point of the game. Even level 20 players shouldn’t get a chance like this, not for an apex, not for a unique, not for a legendary, not for anything. What would be the point of grinding for months? What would be the point of levelling your creatures and specifically boosting them for raids so you can spend the next 4 months unlocking them? What would be the point of FIPing the creatures you need for an hybrid? This will ruin the game, more than bad matchmaking, more than horrible rng, more than stat boosts. The longevity of would be completely destroyed.

Not to mention matchmaking, imagine apexes running around in the first arena. Imagine logging into the game for the first time and instantly unlocking an endgame creature. Havoc

Another point is players themselves. What will the people who grinded for months for a specific creature think when a low level noob decides to join the game and instantly unlock that creature? There would be a lot of backlash and the game would quite literally die

The only way I would be acceptive of this is if it cost 9,999,999 coin to unlock a random locked creature or something