Get any creature for free

you can get a free unique creature for 10000 db
legendary = 5000
Epic = 2500
rare = 750
common = 200

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it is an interesting idea, but players would only be allowed to choose ONLY 1 creature for the event? (and Apex creatures not being an option would make it a bit better)

Alliance championships: allow us to introduce ourselves

Boosts: perhaps you have been misinformed.

Me: eh…No, not really

Sadly my dear fellow you have.

2.3 update tips
image image

Old tips

We all know and they know level means nothing compared to boosting something.

a level 30 concavenator vs a level 11 max boosted one
we all know who wins

Ya and lvl 30 thor vs max boosted lvl 23 we all know who wins then

Or how about lvl 30 Magna vs lvl 22 max boosted erlidom

Ummm… I’m not so sure

the level 30 wins