Get of the level 100 AI dinos

so it might be just me on this one, but i am hating the fact that the AI dinos can be near level 200 power level, forcing me to use my best dinos/creatures on events that used to be a straight forward fight with some challenge. why was this feature added? why cant i use the mods that have been added to at least make it a bit easier, even if its only the most basic of mods?

i have to either sit whole events out or waste all the bucks i save up to get by.

does anyone else have this problem? also, please understand that ive only been playing about a year and a half, so i dont have the super duper tournament level dinos, but things like the superhybrids and some other dinos i do have(like the suchomimus bird hybrid level to 30)

If you read this post and the posts associated with it you will understand where you went wrong potentially and we might be able to help. The De-Mystifying of Ferocity... Hopefully :)


im reading through it now, ill bookmark it for continued reading since its late and im falling asleep lol