Get out of Sorna Marshes

I know people are arena dropping for the changes and incubators, so i get it, but the last 2 days Sorna Marshea just got much harder. I get that in a few days it will sort itself out again, I just wanted to rant my frustrations as battles haven’t been fun for us true Sorna Marsh level players.

Or maybe it’s just Me? On the glass half full side, I’ve seen some new dinosaurs.

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Isn’t that just regular Sorna full of op teams that are dropping I don’t see why it would change in a few days!?!

I’ve seen a significant change in opponents since they released the update info so I assume the recent influx is due to people dropping because of the arena changes and wanting the exclusive incubators. Fingers crossed it goes back to normal once the update.

I’m just gonna stay at 3.8k because when the update drops 3.5k + will be jurrasic ruins, that is where the incubator dinos are at, baryonyx, sino etc

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I’ve not been evolving my dinos in anticipation of the update in case I want the DNA for something new (and lack of coinage!). I figured everyone else was still evolving and it was just me being left behind. But if other folks are noticing it too maybe I’m not imagining it…


Oh man! I hadn’t thought about that.

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I never realised until the day after the notes were released when I had a proper read through everything haha

I am in the ruins at the minute but I’m pretty sure that once you have been through an arena no matter your level you have a chance at any Dino you have passed in the lower arenas if I’m
right then don’t see the point in purposely dropping trophies

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It’s for the 1 time offer incubators when you move into a new arena. Some people will jump 2 arenas with the changes and don’t want to miss out on both offers.

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it was all arenas in general. I dropped from 4300 to 3800 really fast.

some other friends in 4800 dropped to 4500 approx.

I think it’s just waves that happen in arenas.

Look, anyone dropping to Sorna will want to stay there, right? This means that these people won’t want to win every battle or they’ll be back up to the Ruins once again. I think you caught them when they are filling up their incubator slots. Me, I couldn’t care less cos I’ll be in the Aviary post 1.5 update.

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The only people dropping now are not for the battle dinosaurs but the one time arena offers! I am now hovering at around 3900-3980! Yes my dinosaurs are worthy of 4400-4500 but I also lose on purpose to stay under 4000 so I am giving away wins to those less fortunate than me!

If I knew for a fact that when I jump to Aviary from Ruins I would get both offers Lockwood and Aviary I would stay at 4500+ for the 1.5

I will start a thread on this

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True. I’m at 5K+ trophies and I’d have to drop 500+ to stay at Lockwood…not an easy task given the amount of time it takes to find a match. However I do know that there are quite a few people doing it cos I had 2 battles today whereby the dinos are under lvl 10. Me, I’m staying put as the OTO I am aiming for is the last level up incubator. Wonder how much it’ll cost though.

A thought occurred to me since you’re discussing losing on purpose. Imagine if both players are trying to lose on purpose, the one who loses, wins. Hahaha.

Because at the higher arenas, the DNA pools are so diluted with other dinos that you wont ever see the specific DNA that you need. Makes sense to me to drop.

There is definitely something wrong in Sorna. I also face way to many high leveled players.

@Pirulass Indeed I was knocked from almost 4.2K to just over 3.5K over a couple of days some was just bad luck but most due to opponents team being better (higher level, dinos than mine or dinos I do not even have). I assume it will stabilize a while after new update

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I am a 5000 trophy team but am patiently waiting at 3980. I battle with 2 level 5 dinos and 2 level 20+ lol

Once the update goes live most of us who dropped to avoid missing out on the one time offers will climb back up.

It’s really crazy. I stabilized again in 4000 but stopped playing due to 24’s Deus and Indoraptors… too much for my humble team